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Interpretation of Steph’s Dream, “Prophetic: The 144,000 has been marked and sealed,” – Jon Stokes


Interpretation of Steph’s Dream, “Prophetic: The 144,000 has been marked and sealed,”

December 21, 2021 2:12 PM
Jon Stokes

Interpretation of Steph’s Dream, “Prophetic: The 144,000 has been marked and sealed,” (see link below) with peripheral insights based on other dreams. Some of this is written in the second person because I was initially only going to post it as a comment on her YouTube channel, but I felt the Lord compelling me to share it on this forum.


God gave me what I believe to be an accurate interpretation between December 17-19, 2021:

The scenes in your dream are related to previous dreams you’ve had as well as Dana Coverstone’s dreams. I’ll touch on all of them in order to flesh out this particular dream as much as possible because it unveils an imminent terrorist attack on Christians in America.

At times God will actually cause a person describing a dream to use certain words they wouldn’t otherwise use in order to disclose something; “Babylonian” points to modern Babylon, which is America and the world’s final Babylon as recorded in Revelation 17 and 18. It felt something like Halloween and you were out of place because in the dream you’re among those who’ve been marked and set apart in holiness, something evil spirits can sense. Feeling out of place also indicates the growing discrepancy between the righteous and the unrighteous (Daniel 12:10, Revelation 22:11) due to the recent outpour of evil in America. Feeling “hidden in plain sight” is a reference to Psalm 91:4, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” The sense of danger you felt is the result of the next part of the dream and the reason you were looking for your shoes, which I’ll touch on later.

God used Osama Bin Laden in the next part of the dream intentionally because he’s associated with terrorism against America. There’s an imminent threat of another attack, and this time it will target Christians. Some of Dana Coverstone’s dreams also expose this reality and the people involved. Kamala Harris, for example, is the Judas who’s sold out America to foreign enemies. In Dana’s dream about “Biden’s House,” Jesus is the literal embodiment of one of the SS agents and he says to Kamala, “What you are about to do, do it quickly,” which is exactly what he said to Judas in John 13:27. This is also referenced in Dana’s dream about the Statue of Liberty, when “pieces of silver” are tossed to those who destroy America, just as thirty pieces of silver were tossed to Judas. The only reason America is still standing is because of Christian conservatives, so they’re the last barrier that must be removed; hence the statement Jesus makes about the coming “conservative purge” in Dana’s “The Specialist Dream.”

Dana’s, “The Bunker Dream” also foreshadows a Christian holocaust because the quote in the beginning about “The American Solution” is a direct reference to Hitler’s “The Final Solution,” which was the plan to exterminate the Jews. There’s much more support for this reality that I could offer, but for the sake of time let me move on.

Muslims are also observing current events because they view them as the fulfillment of prophecy in the Koran, particularly the arrival of the 12th Imam they’ve long been awaiting, just as Christians await the fulfillment of prophecy in Scripture concerning the return of Christ. The fulfillment of Islamic prophecy culminates with a global takeover and the wholesale slaughter of anyone who doesn’t submit to Allah, and this will soon commence in America. This will be one reflection of the mark of the beast because the Islamic shahada is a counterfeit of the Christian Shema from Deuteronomy 6:4-8, which is God’s mark. “Marks” are simply symbolic of a person’s faithfulness, for better or worse, and the shahada is an anti-shema that the antiChrist will propagate using both a false sense of peace as well as violence. Islam will be the last of the two beasts from Revelation 13 and the insurgency will be led by Satan himself, clothed as the antiChrist, which could be anyone at any given time. He doesn’t stay in one place but “enters into” different people at different times to accomplish his purposes. Scripture and history attest to this.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden had a gathering around him indicates that Satan is rallying forces of radical Muslims and likely dispelling the details of a strategic plot to assassinate Christians through an Osama-type leader. I’m almost certain this will be on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day based on what I’ve seen in others’ dreams; it’s also logical that a coordinated attack would be scheduled on a day when churches are packed. The next series of elections play a crucial role in the current administration maintaining political power, and a conservative purge would ensure control of all three branches of government, which would ensure the establishment of absolute power and the death of democracy within the next three years. So I wouldn’t rule out any year for a Christmas massacre to occur, including Christmas 2021, though I’d speculate that it will happen in 2022 or 2023. Whatever the case, this will occur at some point in the very near future, so please warn others. This is one prophecy I’m certain will happen.

There will also be a separate attack on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. I don’t know what year this will take place, either, but the world of terror and chaos has been all too quiet lately and I think the ground is fertile, especially given America’s borders have been wide open for a year. I would urge every American to stay away from larger churches and public squares on Christmas, New Year’s, and Saint Patrick’s Day (for reasons I won’t go into now for the sake of time) from now on unless you wish to be martyred, and stay home and meet together in small groups as a house church on Christmas and New Year’s and be earnest in prayer. People have to come to terms with how quickly the events of the end times are unfolding and the evil that’s at work behind the scenes. Satan’s not going to let the church know what he’s planning; he’s smart so he ambushes God’s people after he’s lulled them to sleep, which is one of the primary reasons God keeps giving people dreams and visions, so they’ll stay awake.

If you need further convincing, watch Dana Coverstone’s dream, “The Plumb Line,” and listen to the way he describes the cross on top of the church — it’s flashing bright green and white, which indicates a warning (as all flashing lights in the sky do as a means of warning pilots) and a season (the reason for the colors). It’s also at night, which may indicate Christmas Eve, but that’s only speculation. I can’t conceive of any other reason why God would’ve put this clue in the dream unless it were to warn the church of the shaking that’s coming and provide at least some idea of when. Jesus (the man in the dream) even says before he shakes the church, “I warned them.” Scripture says judgment begins in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17), which means this is imminent. The ambush also won’t be confined to churches, but will be nationwide and manifest in any type of larger public area, especially in more conservative parts of the country. It’s a highly coordinated attack so Christians should be ultra-vigilant on these three particular holidays over the next several years, including this year and especially next year. Be kind and loving to everyone, but consider the Gibeonite deception (Joshua 9) and apply great discernment and prayer to every new person and situation in the days ahead.

Satan counterfeits everything God does, and just as Jesus’ return ignites a worldwide revival of love and peace, Satan’s arrival to earth following the war in heaven ignites a revival of death and chaos. I believe this is the war that causes an earthquake in your dream, when the great dragon and his angels are hurled to the earth (Revelation 12). The Osama figure in your dream said it would cause a 6.5 – 7.0 earthquake and I believe this is literal and will occur near St. Louis. I base this on Dana’s “December and January Dream,” among other evidence, and it may be triggered by a nuclear warhead that’s buried underground; if that’s the case, keep Kings 19:11 in mind after it happens: “The Lord was not in the earthquake.” This part of Elijah’s story is also referenced in Dana’s “The Desert Dream” when the people in the church pulled their shirts up over their faces, so it’s worth noting, especially given the recent outbreak of over 20 nocturnal tornados —

“The Lord was not in the wind.”

The story of Elijah and Elisha is also embedded in your dream and it’s the reason you noticed your mom running ahead of you (1 Kings 19:20) and among the reasons you were looking for your shoes, because shoes indicate readiness. The midwest — the most Christianized part of the nation — has been getting pounded by natural disasters and I think they’re on the increase because while God may not be causing them, he’s still using them to sound the alarm so his people will wake up and look for their shoes, namely by getting their spiritual houses in order so they can “save themselves from this corrupt generation” (Acts 2:40). Putting shoes on means preparing for action, bracing yourself, girding your loins, or tucking in your cloak — that’s often the wording used in Scripture. Jesus told his disciples before he sent them out to tuck their cloaks in, and Elijah tucked his cloak in and ran when “the sky grew black with clouds” (1 Kings 18:45-46). In Acts 12, the angel told Peter to put his sandals on when he led him out of prison; and like Jesus, Peter then went and showed himself to the others. This happened at Passover, which is important given the second half of your dream and other dreams you’ve had that relate to Passover. Many of Dana’s dreams also point to Passover. For example, in “The Birds and the Maul Dream,” the tunnel and overpass represent the Red Sea crossing and the man standing on the bridge represents the angel of the Lord from Joshua 5:13; in “The Snake Chains Dream,” the Cherry Blossom trees point to the early Spring season; and in his “October Dream,” Dana saw a billboard that read, “Passover 2021 — big things are coming to the world.”

In the dream with the billboard Dana also saw a “white figure” (Holy Spirit) that pointed to the sky and said, “Ready or not, nation, here it comes. Brace yourself!” I think one of those big things is the destroyer from the Bible (Isaiah 33:1, 54:16, Exodus 12:23, etc.), It’s what’s causing the uptick in crazy weather patterns and it’s the big spot you saw pass by your house in a previous dream you had on January 19, 2021 in which your alarm was blinking 00:15, which someone said reflected Nisan 15, or Passover, and I believe he was correct. The destroyer unleashed disaster on Egypt at Passover, on Jericho at Passover, and on Israel at Passover, and these were very distinct times in history, like the time we’re all living in now. That said, I believe many Christians (including me) were looking for prophecies to begin unfolding on actual Passover this year, but I think the whole year of 2021 represented passover and the prophecies will thus begin unfolding in 2022, when judgment falls on the wicked and blessings on the righteous. It seems 2021 was a year in which God moved many of his people out of their own Egypt, both spiritually and physically, to prepare them for the Promised Land.
God’s inclusion of Numbers 3:11-12 at the time the destroyer passed by your house in that dream may mean the prepared bride of Christ is taken when the destroyer passes by. Levites are those who’ve given everything for Christ and reflect those who will be “pure and blameless and at peace with him” when he returns (1 Peter 3:14). I believe this is the remnant of Christians who will be “kept from the hour of trial” (Rev. 3:10) at the same time the destroyer passes by. Levites are types of Jesus’ disciples who left everything to follow him (Matthew 19:27), and Scripture indicates that they’re the first wave of Christians Jesus brings into his Kingdom, just as God “brought the Israelites out of the land of Egypt by their divisions” (Exodus 12:41), and the 40,000 soldiers ready for battle crossed over the Jordan River (Joshua 4:13). Jesus himself said that some will enter the Kingdom ahead of others (Matthew 21:31), and many of his parables reflect the same reality. Dana’s “The Mud Dream” also alludes to separate groups being taken at different times; it’s a portrayal of Isaiah 3:1-4, hence the lack of leadership. Concerning the comet currently visible in the sky, I believe it’s a telling sign in the heavens indicating the destroyer’s soon arrival, because the destroyer is also a comet and what causes most of the mayhem in the second half of your dream.

The trumpets you heard are the trumpets from both Revelation 8 and Joshua 5 and 6, so I think that part of the dream indicates post-passover (2022 and beyond), The girl you helped in the dream reflects the protection Joshua and the Israelites provided Rahab when Jericho was destroyed; she represents the many God will save through his messengers while there’s still a window of time and grace available for those who’ve yet to repent and follow Christ. When you saw the sun after you’d gotten into the house, it’s a portrait of the light every Israelite had in their home during the 3 days of darkness in Exodus 10, another effect the destroyer will have when it passes by the earth. It will cause total darkness on one side of the earth, namely our hemisphere, which is the darkness you saw in the dream. It’s also what caused the sun to stand still in Joshua 10. The tail of the comet is what dropped fire and ice (meteorites) on Israel’s enemies once they’d reached the Promised Land, and these were the balls of fire you saw falling from the sky when the seventh seal was broken.

The comet has a tail in both the front and the back of it, which is why a tail is mentioned first in Revelation 12. The dragon is likely symbolic of both Satan and the destroyer and what God will use to bring down modern Jericho/Babylon/America, while igniting an underground revival. The blood moon on fire at the end of the dream is a reference to Joel 2:31, and the position of safety in the house points to Psalm 91 — “You will only see and observe the destruction of the wicked.”

In your prophecy about the Duluth Canal, God said to you, “Nothing will come in and nothing will go out,” and he was very calculating in the words he chose, as he always is. This is the same wording recorded in Joshua 6:1 concerning Jericho just before judgment fell — “No one went in and no one came out.” The same verse says “the gates were securely barred in Jericho” which meant everyone felt safe before Joshua’s army ambushed the city, just as everyone in America is currently asleep and doesn’t see imminent disaster approaching. Satan also doesn’t see God’s “secret weapon” coming, which is the remnant and the arrow from your dream about God’s end-time army; perhaps it’s also the arrow Jesus strings on his bow when he rides in on a white horse (Revelation 6:2). The prophecy about the Duluth Canal is also literal and it’s part of a siege the Russians are orchestrating to “lock down” America. One of the things they’re doing is blocking trade routes to cause a famine, and this may be related to the earthquake in your dream, which is why it’s important for people to remember the source of the earthquake, so they’ll know where they are on the timeline, because the blockage of trade routes is largely what triggers the famine (this is also evidenced in Dana’s “December and January Dream”) The Russians did the same thing in the Ukraine in the 1930’s in the early stages of WW2 and starved seven million people to death.

I’ve tried my best to understand as much as possible from people’s dreams and let others know what I believe God is showing me, without creating false hope or dishonoring him, so please keep that in mind and understand that none of this is perfect. It’s only based on what I can grasp with my finite mind. That said, I would keep a close watch on the sky in the months and years ahead and draw ever closer to the Lord. Once the actual destroyer passes through and the world realizes it’s heading straight toward the earth, Satan will use lies involving UFOs and aliens to blind their eyes to the truth. As it gets closer, the power will be knocked out worldwide for 2 or 3 weeks and pandemonium will set in. In my personal opinion, I think the destroyer will be here within the next two or three years, which gives people one last chance to ready themselves. The increasing destruction that precedes it will foreshadow its arrival, but so will the militant faith of God’s people and their devotion to Christ and the increase of souls entering into his Kingdom.

Be innocent as doves, but wise as serpents, and remember that the Lord is with you wherever you go. There is no need to fear any of these things, simply be advised. God is still the boss and he has total control over every last thing that happens in this nation, even when it may appear otherwise. He’s always been and will always be the supreme Ruler over this world.



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