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In The Same Room! – McKana


In The Same Room!

September 13, 2021 5:52 PM

September 13, 2021

Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

From the subtle and strange nature of these two dream/visions, I didn’t have any intention of posting it. Hoping some one will understands and reveal the hidden mystery, I let it go for the readers. It is good to note that everything we see in visions and dreams, read and hear are not from the Lord. The enemy is very deceptive in injecting wrong messages to confuse the people. That is why we should pay attention not to take everything as if it is from the Lord. Take these two messages to the Lord for the truth and clarity. For sure, we see in part and tell in part.

In the same room with BH-Obama?
(Dream of September 1, 202. past midnight)

I walked in to a room. There is a bed to the left with a small partition. There is another bed to the right, a little in front. I am trying to prepare my bed. When I walk in, to the left in the other room lays BH.Obama on the bed. I felt I am saying something to him. He is laying on his back, inclined, reading a book. He is full of pride and didn’t answer or heard him say anything but looked at me like any other person who knows him. There are some, two or three people around, I don’t know who they are. He is just himself with casual dress, relaxed, in control, trying to look friendly and nice, looking even better than his real carnal self. He is reading something, worldly book. I was surprised to find myself in the same room with him. I didn’t sleep in the bed and the whole story ends there while walking towards the bed to prepare it
Why do I see him now in the same room? Deception!, what else can it be!
Very strange!
It goes without saying, big cheese or small cheese, cheese is cheese. Whether he is the big fish or the other fish, he is the fish..
As strange as this sounds, there comes another even more strange dream/vision.

He cried profusely!
(Dream of September 9, 2021 9:00AM)

I slept late last night at 1:30AM. The night was not peaceful. In the morning, in a moment difficult to think of seeing a dream/vision, I saw something strange which is not in my mind at all.

I see Trump crying profusely. I approached where he is. It is small room with one bed in the middle, not cozy but sort of a room, a little shady. I see him dressed with a shirt and a necktie siting on the edge of the bed, giving me his back and crying. More strangely, I see Bill Gates on the same bed laying on his back. I never thought of this man, not at all. How did he end up with Trump, in one bed, BG laying back, Trup sitting, very strange. BG is reading something, taking the moment relaxed with no care and paying no attention to the the crying of DT right in front of him. The face of BG looks wrinkled, old and darker around his mouth. Added to the dimness of the room, makes him look strange. Trump is sitting BG is laying on the same bed. Wondering why this BG is nonchalantly seeing T crying. I came close from his back and tried to comfort T. I don’t know the reason but his cries are deep from his heart and profuse. I told him to keep silent and said “If the media know this, they will post it as a big headline sayin T Cried!” which I felt will be a big shame on his side. I looked, came close to BG and asked him why he is not caring. He said something, I couldn’t hear him, came close to his ears to hear what he is saying. He utters some words but couldn’t hear or understand what he is saying. I looked back outside the small room. There are few armed military personnel on a pick up truck watching the event. Trump said “These are friends, friends!” They are there to watch over him. They are the army but the they don’t all look American. Some have short stature and look like oriental, yes, oriental.

He walked out. The military followed him behind on foot and on a small regular pickup truck. We followed him at a distance, vision ends

Is he crying to see some one strange in the same place with him? What a surprising dream to see Trump crying!


As I understand “Bed” signifies reign, assumption of power.

This dream tells the conflict of interest of the two forces.

Evil, at the end will try to rise its head, before its final doom.

Watch the Deception of the enemy!

Repent! Repent! Repent!


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