Impact From Above & Complete Darkness – Jeff Andrews

Impact From Above & Complete Darkness

March 12, 2020 8:52 PM
Jeff Andrews

March 05, 2020

I had turned in shortly before midnight in what was otherwise a busy day. Having just drifted off to sleep, almost immediately I was confronted with a vision of a large cigar shaped cylinder hurtling towards the center of a major city (a western city, but couldn’t identify). It was a scene like I have never imagined before. The cylinder would have been the size of 10+ story building and its angle of approach would have been at 45%. It hit the ground and gouged an enormous trench through the center of the city. Residents ran screaming in all directions in an effort to get out of the way. What is indelibly etched in my spirit however was as the device came to a halt, and the dust had literally settled, was the large number of what I can only describe as demons dressed in black, flying/circling overhead.

March 06, 2020

The second vision came the night after. Again, it came after a long day, and I had turned in about 11pm. After drifting off I was immediately confronted by a vision of complete blackness and an endless number of disintegrating, tormented souls in agony. Although I didn’t sense any danger – I did wake up pretty quickly.

My Comment:

Even asking in prayer for discernment, I have yet to decipher the full purpose of the vision. My spirit kept taking me back to a vision I had in October last year (reported in November) of a Frog (representing a plague) morphing into a serpent (representing satan). I wondered if both these visions relate to the current COVID 19 emergency, and Satan making his presence known in the aftermath of this crisis? If so, I’m not sure what the cylinder represents – has anyone a similar vision/dream? Not with standing the seriousness of this Coronavirus, and the lives already lost, perhaps an equally significant danger lies ahead.

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews


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