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ICHABOD – Paul Chastain


Dec 17, 2019 8:28 PM
Paul Chastain
My name is Paul Chastain. I had two dreams in 2011. These dreams have been brought back to my remembrance in the last two days.
I was driving in a convertible with a beautiful blonde woman, and we were on a coastal road. I stopped and got out the car to admire the sea. When I turned back to the car, the woman was laying on the ground. I got down and lay on top of her, and started to kiss her. As I did, she changed into a rotting corpse.
I woke up.
I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me, saying that the woman was the church that I loved, a particular denomination. The church that I loved is dead.
It was not too long after that, that He yanked me out of institutional chritianity hard.
I was walking into the lobby of a church, past shelves of ripe, delicious-looking peaches. I was told that they would be available after the service. I sat through the short service, the pastor spoke an angry sermon and ended it very abruptly. He told the audience: “sermon’s over. Time to go”. As I left, I walked back to where I thought the peaches were waiting, only to see them gone, the shelves removed and a janitor’s closet in it’s place. I was told to keep moving. I left the building and walked up a dirt trail through the some openings in some trees. I come to an outdoor refrigerated walkin cooler, with the door open and a light on inside. A lady was standing outside the door, calling out to me, saying, “I have fresh fruit inside, fresh fruit for you to take”. I walked through the plastic strips hanging in the doorway, and saw fruit of many different kinds: peaches, apples, grapes, pears, bananas, etc. The lady walked in and said, “you may take all you wish. That place you were at will have no more fruit, but my fruit will be available to you in other places”.
I recieved the interpreptation, and it is this:
The church is now devoid of the fruits of the Holy Ghost,  and now “ICHABOD” is written over the doors to the church. The Holy Ghost is now to be found in other places, some of which will be small, Bible-preaching, teaching, places where sin is called out and preached against, the Lord is leading, where there is true times of prayer, calls of salvation and where the Holy Ghost is allowed to freely move. Other places are homes, and places like parks, and outdoor spaces.
I was told not to seek to find the Holy Ghost and fire in the Laodicean church in America. He isn’t there.

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