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I Will Wake You and Shake You to Bring You Up – LynL

I Will Wake You and Shake You to Bring You Up

November 4, 2023 1:12 AM

Many of the things that you will see in the coming months are necessary to save many of my children. You will see death, war, plagues, pestilence and terrible weather. Many will ask, Where is God, Why is He not here to change all of this?” I will allow what will occur to wake-up the masses to my existence. Without your knowledge of my Kingdom and following my rules, your soul will not make it to Heaven.
I will wake you and shake you, to bring you up. Previous attempts to get my children’s attention have failed. Now it is time to change tactics so that your ultimate destination will be with I Am.
I love all my children and do not want any to perish. Come to me in repentance so we can be together for eternity.


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