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I WILL PROTECT MY OWN – Barbara Francis


August 5, 2020
Barbara Francis

Matthew 7:23 KJV
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

I called you and you did not answer.I knocked and you did not open. Instead you continued in your wickedness, openly flaunting your perversions adultery and fornication. Evil men with evil thoughts hiding in the darkness to commit evil acts. I see everything. You did not humble yourself before and ask for forgiveness . I never knew you yet you claim you belong to me. You lie, cheat and steal in an effort to store up treasures. Yes I AM speaking to YOU. Soon I will show all of your evil deeds in the light and I will review them with you. Nothing you did to others went unnoticed or unrecorded. You have broken my COMMANDMENTS ,several yet you have not repented or asked for Mercy. Why? PRIDE and LUST. Look about, JUDGEMENT is upon the nations. I have only begun to deal with this wicked last generation. I AM sending PESTILENCE FAMINE and WAR. I AM sending flooding ,fire and earthquakes. I AM shaking the heavens. Fire will rain down from above.. I AM giving you over to your own perverted desires, just as I had done in Sodom and Gomorrah. I will send SILENCE. I will cover the land with DARKNESS. Those who belong to me will be safe until it passes over them. Just as I protected my children in Egypt . I WILL PROTECT MY OWN NOW. LET IT BE DONE.

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Below is a link to a photo I have asked the artist for permission to use. I thought it was perfect for the I WILL PROTECT MY OWN. Still waiting to hear back from them.


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