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I see 3 fireballs coming down upon the earth – Anonymous

I see 3 fireballs coming down upon the earth

March 21, 2020 2:34 AM

Ok I got another dream to share 😕this one was not a good one but in a way it is because it’s warning people ,

so there was a little girl I’m guessing about 8 she has blonde hair and pigtails she was standing there and yelling out please stop sinning stop doing wrong or something bad is going to happen , people turned and looked at her and said what would she know she’s just a little girl and turned there backs and continued in there ways,

now I all of a sudden are under a house hiding from something bad that’s happening I have put palm branches over me to hide me more, then the little girl came back on the scene again she yells out stop sinning stop doing wrong please or something else is going to happen bad, once again the people turn to hear what she is saying and says what would she know just a little girl she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and they turn and continue in there sins and wrong doings ,

now back to me I look up into the sky and I see 3 fireballs coming down upon the earth ,I am in a house standing there when suddenly glass is flying everywhere such destruction from these fireballs , let me say this of what I got out of this dream,

God is warning and warning people through his prophets, to turn to him ( God ) or turn back to him, if you have ever gave your hearts to the Lord, look around we are truly in the end days , don’t just believe me even scientists are says things are not going good with the earth , God loves people and does not want any to perish into hell that’s why he is warning to get your life in order to repent and stay close to him for what is coming is beyond the horror of what we could imagine such evilness is already here ,war could be here at any time, earthquakes tsunami’s meteorites , recession ECT…

Some people will say to me, stop fear mongering, well I fear God not because I’m scared of him but because I know he is a just God a holy God and he is coming back for a holy people, now I’m not saying we all have to be perfect but we can’t keep purposely sinning and say, well God will forgive me ,yes he will forgive you if you are truly sorry but when you ask God to forgive your sin that would be saying I don’t want to do that sin anymore so help me to stop, when we become Christians it’s our hearts desire to please God, not to sin against him, we truly are running out of time ,are we going to continue living our lives the way we want or are we going to say to God who knows you better then anyone ,what is your plans for my life God , the word of God says seek first the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you, keeps your eyes on God not the storms around you, ask God for help he wants to help you seek him while there is still time .Amen


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