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November 27, 2021
Tony Lamb

blessed most merciful heavenly father
i come before you humbly lord and i beg
and i plead lord that you give me the
the will the words the wisdom to speak
and i pray lord they be your words given
unto me
i pray in jesus mighty mighty name
i am
just the dust of the earth
and no one is beneath me
and the only thing special about me is
that i am forgiven
and i am god’s dirt
i was born
and you were born
for this time right now
we are truly blessed
to be alive in these last days
to see god at work
on the earth
to be a part of the rapture
to see the time of sorrows
unfolding right before us right now
i must call for this time right now my
dreams and visions
all have to do with this time
right now
and the time we are fast moving into
but most of my dreams were about the
tribulation somewhere about the time of
sorrows but it was never shown to me
which was which
if a dream were truly frightening and
horrific i would just assume
that it was of the tribulation
but if it were not so bad then i would
just i would assume that it was a dream
of the time of sorrows
there is no chronological order as no
order was given
since all of my prophetic dreams were
given to me by the holy spirit and i
received confirmation
from all of my significant dreams
also the holy spirit comes to me many
times and i recognize his voice
he is never in disagreement with the
word of god
in the king james bible he is always
respectful and in agreement with jesus
christ and he uplifts jesus christ so i
have no doubt what i tell you will come
but the order of the these events
that’s what’s in question
i will attempt to
place an order according to world events
that are happening now
and expand uh into the near future and
then then into the tribulation
and please keep in mind that the rapture
is the big secret and no one knows the
day or the hour
but we are to know the season
and we are most definitely in the season
so the rapture could happen at any time
at any moment
my personal opinion based upon biblical
examples is what i’ve been shown
is that the rapture will occur just
before a very major catastrophic event
takes place
according to my dreams what is happening
in the world we are about to experience
catastrophic economic collapse
everything paper collapses
real estate bonds stocks
even our currency everything collapses
and even gold and silver will become
ezekiel 7 and 19
they shall cast their silver in the
streets and their goal shall be removed
their silver and their goals shall not
be able to deliver them in the day of
the wrath of the lord they shall not
satisfy their souls neither fill their
bowels because it is it is the stumbling
block of their iniquity
this collapse will hit america
especially hard since america owes so
much to so many
and yes fema camps are coming
and people will go in but no one leaves
at first this will only be for the
people who refuse the jab
the dna changing abomination
but later it will be for everyone who is
homeless and there will be a lot of
homeless people
in one of my dreams i saw millions of
americans lining the ditches leading out
of towns all across america as they were
all evicted from their homes
and most of these ended up in fema camps
as well
war is coming to america
i saw foreign troops in america
i saw nuclear weapons go going off over
uh major american cities
jeremiah 50 and 23 how was the hammer of
the whole earth cut asunder and broken
how was babylon become a desolation
among nations
i saw america go black
cold and silent as
as if an emp weapon had been detonated
high above america
and then america goes dark cold and
deathly silent goes to coast
isaiah 47 and 5
set thou silent and get thee into
darkness o daughter of the chaldeans for
thou shalt no more be called the lady of
i saw much famine on the land
it seemed as if as if everyone was
hungry and there was no food to be had
at any price
and the people resorted to eating rats
wild animals bark leaves grass and they
finally resorted to eating people until
this became very common
among the survivors
in the tribulation billions will die
three and a half billions
three and a half billion of
approximately three and a half billion
will die
in the first half of the tribulation and
nearly that many in the second half of
the tribulation
god sends wrath
and satan sends his wrath
and the people will be caught in the
and the earth will be no place to be
as i said before fallen angels will walk
this earth and destroy a third of
the bible says this not me
in revelation 9 14 and 15
i saw billions of demons released upon
the earth making people do unspeakable
things to other people and animals
all manner of disease and pestilence
will come up on the earth
asteroids strikes earthquakes volcanoes
it is all coming that much worse
have you noticed how everything seems to
be speeding up and the intensity and
frequency of these calamities is
well it will continue to increase
and these natural disasters will take
many lives
this is the time of the birth pains and
just like birth pains our calamities
will increase with intensity and
frequency until the rapture comes and
jesus removes his faithful remnant from
this dying world
and yes this world is dying
i saw a massive massive wall of water
come ashore at the on the east coast
and then another massive wall of water
come ashore on the west coast
destroying everything in its path
jeremiah 51 and 42
the sea has come upon babylon and she is
covered with the multitude of the waves
i’ve had so many dreams of death and
i saw people sitting around a campfire
cutting meat from cadavers to cook and
i saw parents walking down a flight of
stairs holding their precious little
baby in their arms so lovingly
they walked into the kitchen they placed
the baby in a pot of water on the stove
and then they turned the burner on
in that dream i never i never saw the
baby move and i never heard the baby so
i had no idea if it was alive or dead
i saw parents sell their children for a
handful of rice or beans
to total strangers at their front door
jeremiah 19-9
and i will cause them to eat the flesh
of their sons and the flesh of their
and they shall eat
everyone the flesh of his friend and the
siege and the straightness wherewith
their enemies
and they that seek their lives shall
straighten them
the earth shall reel to and fro
stagger and shudder like a drunkard
i saw the sun go crazy
strong with heat and much radiation and
burned many people
most crops fields grass trees were
and many people died because of the
great heat revelation 18 and 18
therefore shall her plagues come in one
day death and mourning and famine
and she shall
be utterly burned with fire for strong
as the lord god who judge her
isaiah 24 and 6
hath the curse devoured the earth and
they that dwell therein are desolate
therefore the inhabitants
of the earth are burned and few men left
people will seem to go mad nature will
turn against men
even families will turn against their
second timothy 3 1-5
this know also that in the last days
perilous times shall come
for men shall be lovers of their own
selves covetous boasters proud
blasphemers disobedient to
to parents unthankful unholy
without natural affection incontinent
fierce despisers of those that are good
heady high-minded lovers of pleasure
more than lovers of god
having a form of godliness but denying
the power thereof
and from such turn away from
there is more written about
the tribulation than any other time
including when jesus walked the earth
so god wants you to know what’s coming
and that is why
what this this is what jesus says about
this time in matthew 24 and 21
for then shall be great tribulation
such as was not since the beginning of
the world
to this time
no nor ever shall be
and like god made a way for noah and his
families to survive the great flood
and for a lot and his family to survive
the destruction of sodom
god has provided a way for his for those
faithful to jesus christ
in his word in the king james bible to
escape the judgment to come upon the
whole earth
and that way is to be faithful to jesus
not in the future
because after the rapture
if you miss the rapture you will find
yourself in the tribulation
if you are not saved
washed in the blood of jesus and born
or if you’re lukewarm or one who attends
an apostate church you need to humble
before almighty god repent of your sins
plead the blood of jesus wash over you
and wash all your sin away
and then beg jesus to come into your
heart and give you a new heart
as there is no other way to escape what
is to come
except to not be here as in being
remember jesus paid the price for your
with his own blood and with his very
so all you must do is repent of sin and
ask jesus into your heart
to lead you and to guide you every day
and i am so sorry if this video offends
anyone as that was not my intention but
it is my intention to wake the people up
as to what is coming right at them and
soon we are not promised tomorrow
in these last days now is not the time
to deny jesus in any way
so please carry your king james bible
everywhere you can and please say the
blessing over every meal that you eat
because these days satan is in
i tell you so very many churches are in
apostasy it is very hard to find a good
bible teaching church anymore
and god knows
so please
be aware of false churches false
teachers and preachers who will tickle
your ears but then drag you to hell with
do not follow a faith a religion a man
or woman not even me
but follow the one the only one that can
save you from this dying world
and that one is jesus christ
and his word in the king james bible
always remember
that you are a precious child of the
most high living god
who loves you
and who treasures you above all the gold
of the earth
and bobby and i we love and treasure you
as well
if you hear my voice bobby and i we pray
for you
god bless you
you and yours
with much love
and more grace remove
amen time is so short
our time is so short
any day
any minute any over
god bless you god keep healing yours
and his loving arms
just like he held me
jesus mighty name i pray


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