I REPENT – Leah Catherine


Nov 21, 2019
Leah Catherine

Shared with permission


What if there was a “superpower” that would bring you closer to God, make you squeaky clean, give you peace, joy and rest??? Well there is! It’s called repentance! When you repent you remove all the distance and boundaries between you and God and can enter into a wonderful, joyful relationship. Learn this awesome song and sing it daily! I will post the words below. I covered as many sins as I thought reasonable but I know I missed lots so t please feel free to make up your own and sincerely sing it to the lord. I promised you will be blessed!

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I REPENT – Copyright Leah Catherine 2019 SOCAN

I repent, Lord, I repent!
For everything I do, that’s keeping me from you.
I repent, Lord I repent!
So there’s nothing in between, Lord please wash me clean
I repent!

Verse 1
I repent for putting anything before my love for you
I repent for man’s opinion affecting what I do
I repent for using your precious name in vain
I repent for all distractions and pursuing worldly gain

Verse 2
I repent for coveting, all that isn’t mine
I repent for running after, all the things that shine
I repent for longing for, someone else’s spouse
I repent for making idols of my car, my job, my house

Verse 3
I repent for telling white lies, to make myself look good
I repent for spreading gossip, in the neighbourhood.
I repent for getting angry, when things don’t go my way
I repent for being offended, at things that others say.

Verse 4
I repent for neglecting, my neighbor who’s in need
I repent for being busy every day of the week
I repent for my wand’ring and all my wayward ways
I repent for my selfishness and my inward gaze

Verse 5
I repent for shrinking back, when you tell me to go
I repent for my unbelief in spite what I know
I repent for being resentful at things that you command
I repent for being fearful, when I don’t understand

Verse 6
I repent for thinking money, would buy my happiness
I repent for thinking having more
Would make my heart hurt less
I repent for working harder, to buy more stuff for me
Instead of resting in your promises, and sitting at your feet!

I want to be free of sin, wrinkle, spot, and stain
Full of faith, when you come again!

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