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“I Know how were going to die!” – Steadfast & Hopeful


“I Know how were going to die!”

October 10 2020
Steadfast & Hopeful

This was a 5 page handwritten submitted my PO Box dream. I typed it up as it was written.

Oct. 6, 2020

Dear Jonathan,

Please pray about these messages and post them if you are led. I’m sorry, my e-mail is not currently working.

I just finished reading the latest message received by Only a Grain of Sand called America, Come Down Off your pedestal! This was further confirmation to me that I should submit these messages in obedience to the Lord.

In the spring of 2014 I had my first Prophetic dream. It shocked me and “woke me up” to the point that I started seeing the world differently and allowed Yahweh to begin to open my eyes. This was my dream:

I saw my husband and I quietly put on our “funeral clothes” (his favorite suit jacket and a black dress I had bought for such an occasion but hadn’t yet worn). We efficiently collected ourselves, got in our car, and drove to a 2 story building not more than a few miles from home. I knew that this was a planned and agreed upon set of steps we would take for such a time. Though we never spoke a word to each other, we were both peaceful. We entered the building and went right to an elevator and took it to the 2and floor. The doors opened to what seemed to be a multi-purpose room. The floor was carpeted, there was a podium at the front, but there was no other furniture set up at the time. I Somehow knew that churches were gathering in these unmarked places, setting up chairs for services or study and breaking them down when done. There were approximately 30 people in small clusters (couples, families ) holding hands and praying in a whisper all around the room. Everyone was standing around the perimeter of the room with the center being empty. Everyone seemed to also be at peace and with the same understanding that this was an expected event. My husband and I took the last spots along the wall just to the left of the elevator and held hands, praying. Just after, the doors opened and 5 soliders dressed in black with hats having a yellow star centered on the front and their faces covered, entered. They carried automatic rifles and began approaching us from the right side of the elevator, going around the room. Each person was asked something we couldn’t hear but I know it was a question about renouncing our belief in God. No one denied Him, Each person was shot dead. When they got to us I chose to stand behind my husband so he would fall on me. I don’t know why. We were killed and the dream ended after I saw us dead on the floor.

I woke up startled and said “I Know how were going to die!” to my husband. I since have learned so much more about these visions and the Lords purpose. I received interpretation later on reflection and in prayer. It was this:

The 2 story unmarked building and multi-purpose room indicated Christians persecution and the prohibition of churches and gatherings. God put myself and my husband in the dream where I never saw our faces but it was always our hands and bodies from the neck down and the back. I was given the understanding that it was to show me that it would take place in this country in our communities, in the near future. I know this because of the clothing we chose to wear, the skin on our hands, and our body shape and even how we walked – we didn’t get much older. The fact that we didn’t talk and all of those gathered were at peace indicated an understanding that we knew we’d come to take a stand for our faith and die to live. (Eterally)
I thank the Lord for changing me and my husband, for our faith, and the opportunity to serve Him.

My first confirmation that I should share this dream came on the early morning of Oct. 1st (2020) while sleeping. I had a word in bold:

(An Islamic state under the leadership of an Islamic steward with the title of Caliph. Arabic: Can also be small groups within a country. – Wikipedia)

Just after seeing the bold word I had a flash vision. It was this:

A group of about 5 men, totally in black, swinging machetes aggressively.
Personally, I can attest to the knowledge that “sleeper cells”. (Is_s) are spread throughout our nation.

May the Lord keep us under the shadow of His wings. Brothers and sisters; Do not look to the left or right when persecution and trouble comes. Keep your eyes fixed on Him, our strength and our Redeemer. Call on His holy and precious name in your time of trouble.

Signed: Steadfast & Hopeful

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