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I had next to nil for surviving! – Lady Aribeth

I had next to nil for surviving!

Nov 22, 2019, 10:11 PM
Lady Aribeth
Don’t know why I dreamed this but here goes.
I was in the bush with a small group of survivalists. There were fall trees with brown leaves and small green tents etc.  There were many who had skills and trades in survival.  I was there too but somehow I didn’t have enough supplies, or water filtration to survive.  Basically, I had next to nil for surviving! Basically, I was just a ‘watchman’. Anyhoos, in this dream I ran out of supplies and I died.  End of dream!
In my prayer time I was told in Spirit not to prepare and to rely on G_d and Jesus alone and got an image of Elijah by the river being feed by raven. So why this dream now don’t know!
Reminds me of this youtube movie…
I think a global famine is coming and where I live up north here. It’s suppose to get extremely cold and snow this winter!  Pray that’ your flight not be in the winter or on the sabbath’ somehow rings true too! Also not good news for the economy too re repo transactions, liquidity and retraction of business aka economic global slowdown.

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    So you had nothing and you died? Yet you are told to not prepare? Don’t understand. Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Kenneth Heck

    After the next world war and all the natural disasters, the atmosphere will be obscured with dust and gas so much that light from the sun will be decreased by one third, according to Rev. 8:12.

    The increased snow and cold should find preppers unprepared who don’t depend upon God and Jesus to supply them with food, clothing and shelter. Global famine will eliminate many non-believers at that time.

  3. Yes, there’s coming a famine.

    We need to prepare spiritually and physically.

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