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I had another dream about the Antichrist – AJ /

I had another dream about the Antichrist

July 31, 2021 1:49 AM

Dream 31/07/2021

I had another dream about the Antichrist.

So i was with several other people standing on a huge flat platform that looked like a picture of the continents of the world. The platform was rectangular and on opposite sides there was a huge white throne at it’s borders. Someone dressed in complete white having heavenly glory all around him and he was sitting on this throne and posing as God. And I saw birds flying about over the platform and serene soft music playing in the background, it felt so heavenly. But on both of these thrones was a white square outlined on top of this giant platform that had a picture of the continents of the world. And people came and stood in the middle of this square mark and bowed down before the throne one after the other and they could not worship him unless they each came and stood right in the center of that square. It appeared like an interaction that happened between the people and the person that sat on the throne. Nevertheless, after seeing all the glory that was in this place something in my heart told me this was one big fraud. And I said audibly that “I won’t bow down before that throne” while I walked away. So as I walked away the second throne on the other extreme end also people bowing down and worshipping and I noticed my cousin doing the same so I said out loud “don’t do it, that’s a false christ”. As soon as I said that everyone including my cousin suddenly turned on me and came to attack me.

The first dream I had like this one also ended with people coming to attack me once I saw the fraud for what it truly was. It was a total nightmare.

Pray that you are not deceived.


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