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I desire an intimate friendship with you – Voice of Hope

Voice of Hope

September 12, 2018

My precious one,

To many people around the world, I am a distant force, power or manifestation that makes things happen.

Not many people have a deep, personal awareness of how much I long to be tangibly and intimately known as a Person.

Not many know how open the door to the Holiest Place is, how accessible the depths of My Heart is and how eager I am to make My very nature, character and Person known.

I yearn and long to be known. I desire to share the deepest things in My Heart, mysteries and secrets with your heart. I crave for intimacy with you.

What would it take? The door has already been fully opened through the Blood of My Son. Your faith in Him and your seeking Me dilligently and with all your heart draws me to you.

Your pursuing My Heart as a lover would is like a sweet smelling fragrance all around me. It’s deeply attractive to Me.

Your pursuing Me to know Me and be close to Me and not only for what I can give you or do for you…there are no words in human language that can describe how deeply satisfying to Me this is.

I long for you. I desire an intimate friendship with you. Way beyond anything you could do in My service, I want YOU. Draw near to Me. Pursue Me. What you’ll find is I desire you more than you could ever desire Me and that even your desire for Me comes from the depths of My Heart.

You can ask Me to stir up hunger, thirst and longing for Me in your heart. You can ask Me to turn your heart away from everything that has become an idol and distraction.

You can ask Me, and I will cause you to intensely be in love with Me and to open up, receive and respond to My Love for you.

Your Daddy,

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