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I could hear the cries of the pained and the fearful for that which had come upon the inhabitants of the earth – Marty Breeden

By Marty Breeden

Monday March, 5 2018

So last night as I laid in my bed, I could hear the cries of the people.
It was not the cries of the damned….but it was the cries of the pained and the fearful for that which had come upon the inhabitants of the earth.
I tried in vain to not hear the hurting and I tossed and turned yet it would not relent.

No one would ask for this, and no one would want to hear this and I certainly don’t want to again ….but it was a moment I will never forget.

I really can’t describe the sorrow that I heard other than it broke my heart beyond description.
I heard the wails of mothers and fathers and sadly children.
Something had happened….I instinctively knew that it was man’s inhumanity to man that had caused this.
I literally felt that if I had opened my eyes, that I could have seen the devastation, so I intentionally kept my eyes closed tightly.
It was hard enough to hear, God knows I did not want to see it.
You really have no idea how hard it is to even write this and recall this.
All of this was confirmed in the oddest of ways because I was brought out of this shocking and frightening encounter with my alarm clock going off at 12 MIDNIGHT!!!
Jesus spoke sobering words in Matthew 25:6:
I could hardly even believe this happened honestly, but I say this before the Lord, that it did happen EXACTLY as I have described.
I set STRAIGHT UP in bed and just stared at my clock!
And I HAD NOT set my alarm to go off until 5:30am!!!!!!
Hold tight to His hand my friends, I don’t feel the Lord would have me experience this to cause fear and panic but to warn and to PREPARE!


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