Krystal Beall

August 4th, 2018

The darkness is thick and for my own the sorrows and trials are relentless in this last hour. Few are the faithful who remain by my side and submit to the chastisment I have brought upon them. Fret not for whom I love I chasen. Painful as it is…the results shall be glorious. For what life is not brought forth in pain? What newborn cry was not preceded by the mothers? For in pain is found life. Sorrow gives way to joy. Blessed is the man awake…waiting…watching…
praying…longing for my appearing. Mockers are numerous as in times before. There is no new thing under the sun. I have warned and warned man of the hour in which he is residing. Caught up in the world wide web , spun by the god of this world, …he is ensnared. Like a helpless prey who lays in weight to be devoured by it’s prey. It is then many shall cry out to me. It is then many shall be broken…caught and face the stare of the enemy. For many life shall come through death. And death through life. Look straight ahead..not to the left or the right..not behind. Keep your eyes on me. For what you have lost. What you have sacrificed. I AM RESTORING 100 OVERS. I will not disappoint you. Your tears have reaped a bountiful harvest. Glorious one at that. For you shall eat and be satisfied. You shall reside in the green pasture of my house. and peace reign. No darkness is found. No terror. No death. No pain. No loss. For in an instant all will change. I AM THE RESURRECTION. You shall not taste of the second death. I have called you forth as I called Lazarus. I said to you ARISE…And from the miry clay you were raised. Reside in my love. For I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. NEVER WILL I LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. When it feels I have fled and covered my face..withheld my breath from your lips..I am closest. To share in my suffering is to partake in my GLORY. Did I too not cry out from the depths of my being…Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani? I too felt the pangs of desolation and despair. I too sought comfort in vain. I have drawn you into my wounds. In my chamber you reside. Beloved weep not for I AM RISEN. Rejoice for I COME QUICKLY. Blessed of my heart…I AM true…I AM faithful. Shall I not lift you from the fowlers snare? Yea I tell you..I shall…I have. For when the veil is lifted you shall Crystal clear what was once dim. The earth will shake with great force as my breath of revival blows down from my throne. It shall raise up into life the dry bones and the ears of the deaf shall harken. Behold it is OUR GOD…OUR KING. OUR BELOVED. Come let us go out and meet him. For the bridegroom cometh. He tarry not. Rejoice and be glad for the marriage supper of the lamb has come and the bride has made her self ready. Yea her garments are white. Her lips are honey. Her songs of myrrh fill the chamber of frankensince. Arise…Arise for day of the LORD has come. Who can stand? Ah but my beloved you will stand. You will be swept up in my love…Is not my desire for you. Is not my love echoed in you? Yea I tell you…Yea.. Blow ye the trumpet in zion. Sound the alarm on my Holy mountain. Tremble….Tremble…Flee therefore ye wicked from before me….For I AM HE…I AM HE..I AM JUSTICE…AND JUSTICE I SHAL SERVE. Mercy be unto you my beloved…All who call upon me shall I save. My mercy no no bounds. MY blood is for all.
Jesus Christ

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