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I AM the Common THREAD

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. The very plan of My salvation is under great attack. The enemy closes the ears and eyes of many with their very own pride. They listen but do not hear. They look but do not see. Do not loose heart, My children. March forward in the truth of My true, pure, simple salvation, My true, pure, simple gospel. If you shrink back, I will not be pleased with you. Many scholars of My Word do not comprehend the simplicity of My mercy; they have been blinded. They use My Word out of context and unwittingly lead many astray. Man can not by his fleshy good works attain My salvation, for salvation is a free gift put forth to all who will receive My finished work on the cross of Calvary. It is by My shed blood that the sin of the world was overcome, and it is only by My shed blood that you who believe receive salvation. A person who receives Me cannot be snatched from My hand, and it is by My long-suffering that I will pursue their heart and a relationship with them. If this were not true, then why would I have given My life for the ones My Father has given to Me? The attacks against My truth, My pure simple gospel, abound in this eleventh hour. Place My armor on and march forward, sharing and defending My truth. I am your strength, and it is My promise that I will not leave or forsake you. My heart is for none to perish, so believe that I will soften even the hardest of hearts. Some that comes against you now will have their hearts changed. Their pride will be stripped away and they will begin to see only Me. Centuries of man made doctrine pollute My truth, but the pure light of My truth will shine into this darkness and obscure the lies of the enemy. Though it may appear to you as a fracture in My body, My repair will make you stronger as a whole. You will be joined together going forward in one heart and emanate My perfect strength. The divisions you are seeing now will become obsolete as only I have the power to unite your hearts into My perfect strength. The enemy wishes to weaken and even destroy My body with his deceptions. I will not let this occur, My loves, so do not be afraid. My plans for My body are perfect and cannot be broken.I ask all of you at this time, do not content with one another over doctrine, but spend your time and your energy reaching the lost. Share Me now with the ones who do not know Me at all and set an example for them of My love. Show this by casting aside your differences and loving even those you feel separated from at this time. Put these divisions aside, for no two will agree on everything. Agree to disagree and reside in My perfect peace. Love one another as I bring you together as a single shining light. Remember all you have in common, Me. I love you, My children. Your Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach

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  1. Michelle Downey

    Falsehood! It is the TRUTH that sanctifies us! It is the TRUTH that sets us free! NO lie is of the TRUTH! Speak the TRUTH with boldness and zeal! Do not compromise!

  2. Tim Wyman


    Thank you for sharing this excellent word from the Lord. I ask you, please do not let the skeptics dissuade you, even if they understand differently. Our Father’s grace and mercy is far beyond our comprehension (Read Jonah 4 for an EXCELLENT example). It is written many different ways in His word, yet the eyes of many fail to see, nor do their ears hear.

    I agree that His truth does indeed sanctify us, and set us free. But, we are also commanded NOT to KILL, yet very few perceive that we KILL OTHERS EACH AND EVERY DAY with the SWORD!! Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”, because he failed to understand; the wise will understand the truth in what I just stated.

    Jesus told us to “be as wise as serpents, and as mild as doves.” With that in mind, I advise ALL to LOVE your neighbor, and keep your sword in its sheath!! (And do not be the one who asked, “WHO is my neighbor?”)

    A brother.

  3. Marc

    Sadly OSAS DOCTRINE BELIEVERS, like 278 pikelk….their favorite word is ” finished work”, that is code for no need to live HOLY unto the Lord Jesus…in our actions.
    Not needed they say, it’s finished work!!!##
    Then to add to that twisting of scripture idea’s, they refuse to address scripture verses and apostles writings teaching to be Holy as he is Holy….
    Or if you ask why did Christ himself say over and over again “go and sin no more”.
    To the harlot and the sick and blind men who were healed….crickets!!!!

  4. Catherine

    Dear Sister, we need again the simple gospel and not prosperity gospel or New Age Gospel but the Bible speaks about the falling away before the coming of the Antichrist and the bible warn us, that our “brothers” will betray us, persecute us, bring us before the judge….
    Some weeks ago I spoke in my sllep: the church is so far away from God, it’s too late for coming back….something like that.
    Can you one with Homosexuals in the church? can you be one with the people, who bring the church to the Vatican? can you be one with people, who practices “christian yoga”? No, never.

  5. Matthew

    Michelle, this word is all for the truth:

    “March forward in the truth of My true, pure, simple salvation, My true, pure, simple gospel”.

    “The attacks against My truth, My pure simple gospel, abound in this eleventh hour. Place My armor on and march forward, sharing and defending My truth”.

    “Centuries of man made doctrine pollute My truth, but the pure light of My truth will shine into this darkness and obscure the lies of the enemy.”

    People either unite around Jesus or divide because of Him. Similarly, people either unite around the truth or it divides them. Jesus himself is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    When those who are seeking Jesus and His truth are divided, it is because they do not have the same understanding of the truth.

    It is those differences that we are being asked to set aside, not our commitment to the truth.

  6. Michelle Downey

    Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace, but division”. He prayed to the Father, to sanctify those that were given Him, by His Truth. His Word is TRUTH.

  7. Tim

    Yes, Jesus said He would bring DIVISION, that He would bring a SWORD, and that He would come as a THIEF. So, please pray and consider, WHY did He say these things???

    Consider John 5:19 –
    Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the SON can do NOTHING of Himself, but what He sees the FATHER do; for whatever He does, the Son ALSO DOES in like manner.”

    Then, read Isaiah 63. A big part of the answer lies within.

    God sets a “stumbling stone” before us, and He sends a “strong delusion, that many believe a lie.”

    Pray about these things, ask for His discernment on ALL things. There is only ONE TEACHER, and He does not bear human flesh.

  8. Tony Jah

    Michelle, Jesus was speaking about the division with the world not within the body of Christ…

  9. Michelle Downey

    Not all who claim to be christian, are true followers of Jesus Christ.

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