I am releasing MY protection from over the world and men who desire sin over truth – Susan Davis

Susan Davis

September 22, 2018

Message given by the LORD, to Susan on September 5, 2018

Let us begin: Children, your GOD loves you but I am releasing MY protection from over the world and men who desire sin over truth. The world is a stench under MY nostrils and filled with contemptible rebellion to MY Truth and MY Words written so long ago. The world will not continue on in this sin indefinitely. I will show MYSELF great as MY wrath pours down on mankind and their habitation. Men will shake at what is coming over the world. After MY church is moved to safety there will be nowhere to hide. Though men will continue on in their sin rejecting MY Truth, they will not escape the wrath to come. The horror will rain down from the skies. The waves of the ocean will rock to and fro. Fear will grip the hearts of mankind at the sight of mountain sides falling down and the earth opening up. There will be no safe place for those who reject ME. Disease and pestilence will be rampant. Men’s hearts will become cold, filled with thoughts of evil at every turn. Neighbor will turn against neighbor. Children, you must face these truths. I have warned…I have pleaded…I have reasoned. MY Words will prevail. Men who choose to ignore ME and MY warnings will be filled with sorrow and angst. Self-preservation will become the mainstay as people will look the other way to cries for help. Brother will turn on brother. Men will not regard each other. Terror will reign supreme. Hatred will be natural. The people will turn to mind-altering sorceries and give in to all kinds of evil abuses toward others and themselves. Their own hands will be their foes as they engage in self-mutilation directed by the enemy. Where can you hide when you become your own worst enemy? Let MY Words convict your heart. Turn back from the brink of destruction by following a lost and empty cruel world. MY enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. There is nothing he desires more then for your physical and spiritual destruction. Why play into his hands when I hold a door open for escape? This door will not remain open and even now it is only available for a short time. Once I pull MY church through, I will close the door and it will not open again. Read MY Word, choose for ME. Repent and pursue ME and your GOD’s Will above all else. The days of your life are numbered. Only I know the hour of your appearance before MY Throne to give an account of your life. Will you be found worthy to escape eternal disaster and separation from GOD? You alone can choose to turn to ME. MY Blood sacrifice on the cross of forgiveness and salvation is the only way. You cannot put a price on your eternity in the Presence of GOD. Only MY Blood will cover the sin that excludes you. Come take what is free to gain that which is priceless….

Luke 21:26 (KJV): Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

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