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September 28, 2022 1:36 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Received Wednesday, September 28, 2022 (a little after noon through 2:00PM EST)

Daughter write these words to my people.

Let them know what is happening and what comes next as my Judgment falls on America, the good ol’ USA. Her wanderings have become a wretched stench in my nostrils that grows in offense with every passing moment. She has been given opportunity after opportunity to repent and reform her ways but instead she has taken my mercy for granted and believes it is weakness. Thus some believe that proves that my words are meaningless, powerless. Oh, America the beautifully wretched land of evil, your corruption knows no bounds!

The starting pistol has sounded and your demise has begun!

I said I would destroy any that divide my land (Israel). Yet, you stood and did just that!

Consequences! The arrogance that rules over this land will be broken. Shattered. It will be erased from the memory of all that remain alive after brutal forces wreak havoc on your land. I have turned you over to the god you worship. The god of this world and he is hungry to destroy every symbol of who you once were in me! Long ago, the people turned their backs on me. Some wanted pleasure, others, power, others the freedom to be their own god. Whatever the reason, my people but for a few faithful left me behind for momentary bliss.

Willingly, you sought your own lifestyle and now you will rely on your wits to survive.

Florida, your destruction is before you. Repent now before the storm reaches your door! Seek me now while time remains! I have given you plenty of advanced notice. So many have disregarded the many messengers I have sent to warn and now, the reckoning has come. Some may have water and food a plenty but what about those who couldn’t prepare? Will you share what you have? Will you minister to those around you when things become more difficult? Will you decide to be unselfish to ease the fear or suffering of a stranger?

Hurricane Ian has been designed to bring maximum destruction to your state and surrounding areas. It will bring to pass many things (much you will never know about for it will be kept secret).


Pray that the places that hold human slaves to be utterly destroyed and never to be used again for immoral purposes. Ask my angels to deliver each soul to safety. Expose each monster that is involved in human trafficking to be brought to justice (regardless of the results on earth, they will NOT escape my justice for their wicked deeds).

Pray that each soul in harm’s way will repent before they leave earth!

Pray my peace, that passes all understanding to be with each child that calls upon my son’s name for their salvation. No matter what happens, they know that they are safe under my ever watchful eye! Pray for courage and strength, wisdom on what they should do as they cope with their individual circumstances. Pray protection for each one, that they will escape damage from all storm impacts! Pray for their safety from nature, malevolent spiritual attacks, government mandates and those who use disasters to steal or violate others! Pray for shelter of each one under my wings. Ask for each one to operate in abundant wisdom from me.

Florida, this is part of their plan to destroy your infrastructure. The end game is to render the food producing regions hostile to further productivity. Things are being done to bring great destruction to the many good things that have brought this state into the forefront to be envied the world over. Your beauty will be lessened and your appeal diminished as your unique landscape and architecture suffer.

Despite her heyday as a tourist destination for her natural beauty and unique ecosystems. Florida promoted hedonism as a lifestyle. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll, baby, that was what she was selling and the world flocked to her door! Yes, you have managed to be a key hub for the sex trade on the East Coast with men and even women coming from around the world to indulge in every wickedness under the sun. You even set up theme parks and movie studios to produce as much putrid poison as people could afford to buy! You, Orlando, that has more churches per capita than any other city in America, serve these evil deeds all week and think a one hour visit to a building claiming to be a meeting place of my people will leave you without accountability? You know so little about me!

This industry you have created to serve the depravity within the men of earth will be decimated. It will be no more. This is the beginning of the end for you.

Once they have used Ian to pummel your homes and flood your fields. They will send more…destruction is at your doorstep.

America, take notice. Soon, devastation of immeasurable proportions is on the horizon. Florida is the beginning. Watch as it unfolds. More is coming to each and every state, ask me beforehand how to pray! Be prepared!

Stand up, children and speak to this storm! I will lead you through! These are the moments of the end time harvest. How you minister to those around you, will mean the difference for eternity for some! Allow yourself to be used in this crisis, you will reap eternal rewards!

Listen closely, this Hurricane will bring a lot of very unfortunate results. Some of those scenarios you saw during Katrina will be repeated especially along the Southwest coast of FL. Your agencies, the alphabet organizations that “help” in “troubled times” are operating with more than one agenda. Be very careful, who you trust and how you receive help!

Turn instead to ministries that I will send to you, you may have to wait, do not allow fear to enter you. Instead, pray for yourself and others, thank me for sending help! Chose to ease suffering around you before, during and after help arrives. Be a servant to others, remember the last will be first and the first will be last.

Do NOT be influenced by your friend’s and neighbor’s choices, they do not hear my voice!!! If I warn you to stay away from something or someone, trust my leading! I AM separating the wheat from the tares, not everyone who claims to know me actually does. Some only know of me.

Many, even of the “faith” are very deceived, some to the point that they do not even realize that they are not subject to me. They walk in great pride and arrogance, believing that they know something when they know little or nothing of me or my ways. They are believing the lies of their pastors and teachers, who have been trained at the enemy’s table to speak these lies. Walk away and don’t look back, don’t waste energy trying to correct them, unless I specifically call you to do so. I have spoken truth to these rogue agents (some many times) and yet, they reject it as out of hand because their arrogance has blinded them, they have no humility within them, and they love their lies! Pray that they are not lost to me for eternity for they do much damage to the kingdom and themselves.

Beloved children, if you have wandered, come back! The end of the road has come for the United States. Soon, when destruction comes in the tsunami (which is not far off), many will come home to me. Those who remain will endure much, much more hardship. Let these events remind you that you are not part of this fallen world but you have been redeemed by the precious blood of my only, begotten, sinless son, Jesus, your Messiah.

Though your physical body must endure the consequences of the fall of man, realize your spirit is free to spend eternity with me!

Hold on to the hope that is within you! Eternity is on the other side! I will soon hold you in my embrace! How glorious our reunion will be! The table for the marriage is laid and ready!

I love you!



~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30

*I urge anyone reading this to refer to the prophecy I received May 2016, which was posted in 2/2019 “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America”. This word will soon be fulfilled. There are many other words received and posted on this site by me since then that focus on various aspects of that Vision I had that the Holy Spirit want God’s children to be aware of, please take an opportunity to review them.

Brothers and sisters, thank you for your prayers. I was admitted and released from the hospital a second time this past weekend. It seems I have multiple infections (including Covid – which annoyed the staff but resulted in NO TREATMENT (a blessing in disguise)) on top of several medical conditions for which I need special testing.

Care at both hospital facilities was abysmal and I intervened on behalf of two different patients, who might have died in the ER waiting room if I hadn’t run for help. I heard the term “3rd world care” repeatedly stated by a number of patients (some even among staff)). Though repeated requests by hospital staff for a specialist consultant to evaluate me, no one saw me in the seven days I was inpatient nor was ANY follow-up arranged on my behalf, not even a future outpatient appointment at discharge! Requests for a caseworker were also ignored. I continue to ask for your prayers for complete healing and strength to be able to care for myself as I have lost a great deal of weight and have extreme symptoms leaving me bed bound. God Bless You.

The Holy Spirit revealed that this level of care (or lack thereof) is by design and part of the culling process in weeding out those in fair and poor health with little resources to obtain outside “care”. I was also denied assistance in my home though in the past it would have provided. Please pray for open doors with the right specialist, that wisdom will guide all future care and all barriers will be removed.

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