Holy Spirit Teachings-5 from 01/23/23 to 01/29/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings-5 from 01/23/23 to 01/29/23

August 22, 2023 12:12 PM

The Stakes are Great

We are on Earth learning how to be, how to live, how to survive and how to love. During this journey we are given challenges that incorporate the use of our wits, our heart and our knowledge. We all need to pay attention to where we are headed while utilizing our gifts.

Many are not consistent in their choices and falter between what they should have chosen verses what they did choose. The smart will repent and continue in a forward motion until the next stumbling block. Unfortunately, the vast majority will not pause between their sins and failures and will steadily go forward in a sinful fashion.
Our lives are geared to figuring out that we can’t continue in a downward spiral and think we are “good”.

When they do this, they are not moving in my spirit. They move in the enemy’s spirit. Their souls are weakened, and each additional sin seems easier to commit.

Life is a series of levels we must complete before moving forward. No matter what we do we need to follow the Holy Spirit if we wish to find God fully.
Not everyone wishes to find God. To the contrary, many do not even wish to hear of my existence. They are content in their sins. Happy to be who they are and even joke that all their friends will be in Hell.

Soon the veil will be breached and will wake many up. Do not ignore this gift I have given you. It is not too late to change course.
Your Father in Heaven

You’re a Sponge

Today is not just any day, it is a step into the future. All mankind will enter a door that has not been previously opened before. Each will enter their eternal destiny, whether for good or for bad. All rests on what your soul has learned and comprehended in the past. Each of us are like sponges. We soak up our surroundings and hold those elements we have partaken in. We become those elements and must be careful that they are not of sin and unrighteousness. We all must adhere to our inner voice and the warnings that are given along the way to warn us.

That sponge can be dried out and be reconstituted a different way, at any time. We do not need to be filled with the old (sinful nature).

Take the steps to reanimate yourselves the correct way. Fill yourself with my essence.

I am with you every day. I love when you make attempts to change for the good. I see your progress and applaud you. Let your sponge carry only good.

The Fence

Our lives are complex. Most people run around from morning to night trying to accomplish a few key things. They believe, all of them are paramount in accomplishing their daily tasks. What they don’t do, is the thing that is most important.

Their relationship with me, the time they spend, the prayers they pray are all being added to the Kingdom. Without this crucial time spent with me, they have weakened their foundation and their Kingdom purpose. The things of this world will soon be insignificant. Most will look back and not understand how they missed the true meaning of life and what was happening (on Earth) that they could not see.

Now that the priorities you considered important are no longer available, what will you choose? Will you find more insignificant replacements, or will you find me? I have always been here but somewhat invisible to the masses. And if not invisible, certainly ignored. Change your priorities today. Time is running out to choose that side of the fence you have been resting on. No choice is a choice for sin and the things that will not make it to the heavenlies. A choice must be made for my Kingdom, my side of the fence!

No Time Like Now

I wait patiently for those who are still on that fence. Get off it, it is terribly dangerous. My light, in this darkened world, will be all you need to survive. I love you and have only wanted the best for you. I wait your decision.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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