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Vision #402 – Sharlene Reimer

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Vision #402

May 12, 2024 9:18 PM

May 06/24 Mon evg

The Tightrope/The Indigenous Gift/Another Vision of Jerusalem Burning/Satan Flying Overhead/Another Vision of The Big Hit On Damascus

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room to Jesus Culture- Mighty Breath of God, Kim Walker Smith- Spirit Break Out and The Worship Initiative- Repent (What a Joy It Is)  I began to pray  and intercede in tongues and natural for Israel, the lost around the world, prodigals to return, the church and world issues. I blew my shofar after my intercession for Israel. That felt wonderful and I knew it was powerful in the spiritual realm. (demons don’t like the sound of it)

VISION: I found myself by the familiar river. I saw that Jesus had tied thick twisted rope around two trees so that it was suspended over the water. The rope was very taut. I was having trouble figuring out what He was trying to reveal to me. And since  I wasn’t understanding, I thought I’d just walk down the river to look at something else but as I began to walk away, I was lassoed back. Jesus has a sense of humour! I asked Him, “Did you really just lasso me?!” I guess I had a bit of an attitude issue mixed with some impatience. He only smiled at me. Praise Him for His patience and grace for me!  Jesus demonstrated His balancing technique. He used His arms, feet positioning as each step was intentional. He had sureness and patience with each of His steps. I didn’t think it was possible and thought if I tried, I’d land up in the water for sure.

INTERPRETATION: I heard Jesus say, “It’s about a balancing act.”  I then understood that it is about my schedule and trying to balance all that is on my plate. I believe God is trying to get me to reassess what I’m all juggling; making sure ministry is balanced with all other things I do so that I don’t become overwhelmed and weary. Also, my time in what I do should be intentional and not wasted. I was encouraged to ask Jesus when my down time comes, what He thinks I should be watching, listening to, reading or doing.  Include Him in these decisions.

VISION: My horse came so I knew it was time to go. I walked towards him and stroked his face- such soft hair. With my armour on, I got up and off we went. But we didn’t go into the valley this time. We trotted along a well used trail that paralleled the valley which was on my left and was at the foot of a mountain to my right. I’m unsure how long we travelled but eventually I came to that indigenous village that I saw with my eagle; a large tipi/teepee, village women with their children and the canoes entering the river. See vision #400. I stood near the village by some shrubs and my horse. A woman dressed in leather garments approached me and gave me a gift. It was a white beaded belt that had red and white sequence pattern in the middle. It was meant to go around my waist and tied in the back. I didn’t have anything to give in return. I just thanked her for the gift. I turned and saw my eagle ready to go.

INTERPRETATION: This village reminds me of the indigenous village I saw with the same setting: near mountains and a river in vision #363. There was a woman wearing deer skin garments, gathering natural herbs and in a different vision, playing a wooden flute by the river.  I believe God wants to restore the First Nations people to Him but I think the way the past has attempted to influence them was hurtful. It’s not Jesus’ intent for the First Nations people to fit the mold we set for them and remove their culture but rather show them Jesus in meeting them where they are at; in love and action.  In the visions I saw, they were doing specific things and I think this is God’s strategy of some examples of how we can understand and meet them in their culture. Indigenous people love to give and exchange gifts. It’s a beautiful love language they have. To me it speaks of sharing, kindness, peace, honouring and generosity. The gift of the belt that the woman gave me was more than thoughtful; the action had a couple of meanings. I felt she accepted me and had expressed peace, kindness and honour to me but more specifically, the gift was custom for me. I’m a warrior and maybe that’s why it was beaded with red patterns. Another example of God’s strategy is their understanding of the healing properties of plants, as seen with the indigenous woman collecting herbs near the river in vision #363. There is healing in natural remedies as God made the plants for us! This reminds me of the maple leaves in the Canadian flag that symbolizes Canada but also the spiritual healing of the nation in Christ; His leaves for the nations. Another strategy is their ability to use certain instruments, like different kinds of drums or the woman playing the wooden flute.  There are other examples like how they live in community that can give us a better idea of how they work things out, but the Lord gave me a few examples. (I know in part and see in part). God desires First Nations people to turn from their idolatry of worshiping the creation to rather worshiping the Creator and His Son, Jesus Messiah, Who loves them deeply. This starts with intercession and loving them where they are at just as Jesus does for us all.

I had to look up what the indigenous colours of red and white represented and it seems they are slightly different depending on the tribe. White can represent: peace (used in peace treaties) as well tranquility and contentment. Red can represent earth and mountains, war, blood and wounds. It was used to paint the skin of a warrior or the eagle feathers. Interesting: I’m a warrior for sure but my battle is not against flesh and blood!

VISION: I left with the eagle proclaiming Ps 91. I came to a close up of a sandstone building on fire. The flames were travelling out of the window and going up over the brick wall. Black smoke billowed out with the flames. I saw people fleeing for safety. I understood there was panic in the streets. I saw missiles flying above and understood they landed on other buildings further away. I knew it was Jerusalem. The city was in chaos. I looked up and saw a very large black dragon flying overhead. I understood it was satan. Jesus spoke then and said, “He, (referring to satan) will not be allowed to destroy all of Jerusalem. He will only destroy what I have allowed.” (Thank you, God!)

My perspective changed and I was in the cockpit of a fighter jet. It may have been dusk. While looking ahead, I suddenly saw a smoky path of a missile. I understood it was launched from the jet. I saw a massive explosion; a gigantic orange fireball that lit up the sky.  I understood it was Damascus.

INTERPRETATION: Jesus said, “Yes, Jerusalem will burn. A deal will be made, the temple will be built and Trump will have a hand in that.”  I recall in vision #385 where Trump comes in a military type helicopter to survey the damage of Jerusalem after the fires. Jesus reminded me that I have seen several of these scenes of Jerusalem burning in previous visions.  #117, #122, #162, #173, #181, (I saw Prophet Sadhu watch Jerusalem burn in vision 181), #241, #314, #334, #344, #352, #385  Jesus has repeated the message that “Jerusalem will burn” #181, #334, #352 and “The city will burn but not completely.”#173

I understood that the fighter jet was from Israel. I have had previous visions about Israel attacking Damascus and it is destroyed. (See below).  It is my understanding that after the big hit on Damascus, it will bring on a war. Jesus said that “The Storm will begin” where a short war will occur and we will see part of Jerusalem burn. This will set up the “deal of the century” that includes seeing the 3rd temple built. World leaders that I saw at the deal: Trump, “the man of mystery” (the person who will become the ac but was not yet), Netanyahu, Arab leaders and other world dignitaries. (See below) And soon after, the ac will rise up.

 Jesus also mentioned that more Jews will move to Israel because of the global rise of anti-Semitism. He also confirmed that the Messianic Community will rise. It is also my understanding that Putin has the major hand in the attack on Jerusalem. See Vision #352

A bit of a timeline from previous visions:

Rising of the AC #11, #15, #27, #53, #59, #251

Damascus is hit (Is 17:1) #21, #195, #226, #267(“The storm will begin” the short war that is to come will usher in the ac) and #388

Jerusalem burns/The short war ushers in the ac  #117, #122, #162 #173, #181, #247, #267, #278, 314, #334, #352, #385, #388

Deal of the Century #9, #86, #107,#147,#176 Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Arab Leaders and the  “Man of Mystery”

AC in the 3rd temple and demands to be worshiped/Netanyahu shakes his hand #11, #230

The 3rd temple #11, #107 #230, #309, #334

Netanyahu realizes the deception #39, #230

4 pictures that revealed: Trump in the Oval office as president, The map of Israel and the future deal, Netanyahu will remain PM, and the “man of mystery” with a blurred face speaking behind a podium. #278

In vision #278, 3 years ago on Apr 20 2021, Jesus said, “The time has come and things will never be the same. Very soon Israel will burn and the antichrist will be set up. The time of Jacob’s trouble is almost here. The antichrist is rising (the person who is to become the ac). Soon the deal will come that will affect My inheritance. They will be deceived and trouble will fall upon them like they have never experienced before and they will flee. Many nations will abandon them. This must happen to bring them back to Me.”


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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