Holy Spirit Teachings 15 From 03/02/23 to 03/04/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 15
From 03/02/23 to 03/04/23

Changes at a Breakneck Speed
As the months have passed you may have noticed the changes in climate. You may have noticed that the temperature is nothing like it used to be in your area. You may have even noticed that nothing is really the same as it was previously.
I Am at work to wake you up! These not-so-subtle changes have not yet woken many of you. You are still saying it is “Global Warming & Climate change”. Really??
Why do you think I change your surroundings? It is to give you a perspective that things are not right and to tell you to reevaluate what you have thought in the past and give it a new direction. It is important to use the cognitive processes I gave you. Without thinking things thru you cannot achieve a different direction or outcome. Wake-up, wake-up, WAKE-UP! The weather will become wilder as time moves forward.

Each Day, Each Hour, Something Happens in the World
You can count on change, catastrophes, and anomalies throughout the world. These are put there or allowed sometimes to wake you up.
I expect prayer from all my children. Prayer circumvents certain catastrophes that are slated to happen. Your prayer helps in minimizing and changing your surroundings and without prayer bad things just happen.
All prayers make it to heaven and make a difference in outcomes. Pray for your Salvation. Pray for any sins that still must be irradicated and totally stopped. I can help.
Get on your knees and talk with me daily. I love when you spend time with me.

The Clouds Move In
The darkness falls. Each of you will be paralyzed by this darkness to certain degrees depending on your walk with me. This will be a warning of why you need my Kingdom. This will be a warning of things to come. A great deal of people with wake-up during this time, but still will refuse to get rid of sin. Sin, I will remind you, cannot enter Heaven. Sin is of the enemy, and not me.
Change which routes you’re on. I Am on the other path you have not tried. I will guide you and help you along if you ask. My light will illuminate the path to righteousness. Start to hike the path that leads you to me.

The Trumpets are Blaring
As the trumpets sound off, many will be taken to their Heavenly Kingdom. Their time on Earth will come to an end and they will find fulfillment in their Heavenly home.
Many will not make the Rapture. They will not be able to leave Earth until a time they have given their lives to me, repented and stopped their sins. Too many believe all they need to do is say a small prayer and then carry on their lives the way they have in the past. This is not how it works.
There are many things that must be addressed if you sin. Repentance, true repentance is necessary.
No matter where you are in life, I am here to guide you, if you let me. Ask for help and it will be given. I love you and want you to make it into my Kingdom.


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