Holy Spirit Teachings 14 From 02/28/23 to 03/01/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 14
From 02/28/23 to 03/01/23

October 22, 2023 9:56 PM

What if Everything is a Fairy Tale?
What if everything you have been told is a fairy tale.? What if this world was manipulated by the few, to carry out their agenda and not the peoples? What if everything, even science, was a lie? What if all, that you thought, was directed in a way to give you erroneous information? What if all the books you have studied from, contained major misinformation? This is the state of the world right now. Most of what is known is wrong. Lies permeate the airwaves, our schools, many churches, and the things you consider as everyday knowledge. The only truth, that is of paramount importance, is that I Am your creator. I have always been. Each of you are reflections of me. The best parts of you, while being on Earth, are molded by my nature. It is time to find your way back to the truth and away from the lies. I Am waiting here to give you Salvation to help you back to your real home.
No matter what happens around you, focus on me. Repent of all sins and stop those sins. Pray to me often. I Am only a prayer away.

Forgive Others if you Want to be Forgiven
My Kingdom is based on love and acceptance for one another. Each person who makes it to Heaven are pure, loving, kind and know how to treat others. Each of us are responsible for what we do while we are on Earth. We try to become better individuals while we are on Earth. Some people never learn that “treat you neighbor like yourself” is one of the most important rules I have. Each person needs to look at how they treat others. They need to evaluate; is this how I would want and expect to be treated? If not, they need to modify their behavior. I judge what is in each person’s heart. It is a matter of love for your fellow human beings. Without love, it is hard to forgive. That is why I expect all to forgive anyone that has done you wrong. I will forgive you, if you will forgive others.

Green Monsters and Goblins
My Kingdom has an array of many components. Some seen, and some unseen. One is the spiritual realm and the other is the fleshly (Earth) realm. As time progresses these realms will eventually merge causing much dismay and panic. My words can be used to fight off these entities that will soon be seen.
Many assume that because things can’t be seen, they are not there. This is not true. These entities exist, whether seen or not seen.
Spiritual Warfare is available to all to conquer any warfare (entities) that you encounter. I Am in the words you use. Use my name to change the atmosphere’s that you encounter. Pray against the evils you see. Jesus

Eenie Beanie, Chili Beanie
Like the title, does your life really make sense without me? Are all the toys and gifts you give to yourself fulfilling? Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than work and family?
There is a purpose to each of your lives. Only by knowing your creator can you totally be happy and fulfilled. All other outlets are lacking that portion that you look at, as empty. I fill that void, I give you understanding of why you are here, and your purpose. Most don’t have a purpose in life. They just go through the motions filling their time with many unfruitful acts. Some medicate to lessen the loneliness and lack of direction in their lives.
I Am your creator and the architect of each of you. Plugging into my existence is imperative if you wish to know your purpose and function in life.
If you have not found me, as of yet, make that final step to complete your eternity with me. You will never regret it.

I make sense of this world when nothing else is apparently sane. I show you the way to go when there “seems” to be no way out. I Am with you as you navigate the turns and the byways of life. I Am who I Am. No matter where you go, I will try my best to lead you in the correct direction. It is so important to listen to my still voice. Barely perceptible, yet there. As things change and morph to the unknown, spend more time with me. Your directions will be influenced by me, to help where you need direction (guidance)
Each day will bring on new challenges. What you thought about life in general will change with your surroundings. The veil is thinner and thinner, and these worlds are merging now. Be ready for the unknown and different. For even though you do not know of this realm, you will be introduced soon.
Again, spend time with me in all the ways that make you, my children. You will find that is time that is well spent!

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