Holy Spirit Teachings-10 From 02/17/23 to 02/19/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings-10
From 02/17/23 to 02/19/23

September 25, 2023 10:49 AM

Change is What is Needed

Most hold on to what has always been. They dislike change and avoid it at all costs. Change is necessary for all, especially when circumstances around you differ from the norm.
If something is different, it is up to us to pay attention and modify what we do and how we act. To keep on the same path will bring us back to a past that no longer exists.
We must regroup and figure out a new scenario that will make more sense.
Change is one of those things people shy from. It is an unknown direction, that might have consequences, that may not be favorable. But if you don’t change the direction, you have been going, you are bound to the same mistakes that you are currently trying to escape. Change is necessary when something does not work. It is imperative to take that chance that might be a bit terrifying to some.
I Am there to catch you, if the change you made, doesn’t come out exactly as you had planned. We are here to try new avenues; to try new things. Change is the only way this can happen. Make that decision for change when you need to!

Running Amok!

Do you run in circles like a chicken without a head? Are you confused on what your next move is going to be? Are you reliant on others for your direction in life? It is now time to take control of your life and do what is necessary to center your soul with mine. We need to work as a team not a fragmented object that is not cohesive. We must be working together symbiotically and know that I will protect you no matter what is happening.
Running in circles is a component of fear and anxiety. I am not of these components. Always remember to think of me when you feel ill at ease and not centered in me. I Am a thought away, so near, that I can be touched.
You need to reset your thoughts to me alone and know I can do anything. There is nothing that is impossible for me.
As things change for the worse, do not fall into fear, anxiety hopelessness or fatigue of being in a situation you did not expect. Take a breath, recenter on me, rebuke the feelings you are having and move forward positively. Do not go back to old habits you are comfortable doing which cause the anguish you are feeling. Rebuke these feelings in my mighty name and continue whatever you are doing. I Am with you at all times. Yeshua


Time Ticking Down

Each day the clock is ticking down to my return. I Am closer than ever, and my return is immanent. I can hardly wait for the go ahead from the Father and wait to greet all with open arms. My love for you is great. I have waited for such a long time for these days to be upon the world.
Not much more time now. Be ready for incredible feats of healing, deliverances, limbs growing and even resurrections. Nothing will be commonplace. Each miracle will be a testimony of my love for my children.
Many who thought they would never become well again will be healed. Masses of people will give their lives to me. They will find their creator. No more confusions of where they need to be or what they need to believe. They will finally have the truth!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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