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November 8, 2021 12:20 PM

Our comforter and healer has given me a message to share this morning.

The tides are changing, my kingdom people are falling for lack of FAITH in me. The journey to my promise land is but a day away.  The days and times of my Father, (Yahweh) are not the day and times of man. The  Kingdom of Heaven does not experience time, therefore, gird yourself and learn to warfare against the devils chasing you.  Warfare with prayer and fasting Saints.

These prayers are powerful as my children do not know how to pray.  Nor, do they know who they are in me. I do not fault them for this, that is why I have so many of my remnant, sharing, educating and encouraging my lost children.  There have been so many lies and deception in this generation that my children do not know or read my word.  The “Psyop” my children are living is exactly that, a  barrier to fill them with fear and numbness..  Instead you seek the defiling things in this world for comfort. There is no virus just spiritually death. Those believing in the plans of the enemy by not seeking me, will perish.  This is by design, so I will be removed completely from your soul and lost to the Kingdom of Heaven forever!


My Saints, those who know me, but are too busy to seek me consistently, I am now talking to you.  TURN off your phone, news media, social media.  These things are filling you soul, and my spirit within you is fading.  These distractions were made to divide you from me.  There is nothing New Under the Sun, and you already know this psyop is a soul capturing event.  Are you feeling numb and a little careless,  maybe even lukewarm about me?  I ask you again, where does your attitude in all this come from?  If you are feeling depressed and fearful, you are listening to the enemy of your soul, not me!

I offer myself to you.  I come to build my temple within you.  The third temple is within my Saints. How can I build this, if you do not seek me?  How much tribulation do you want to experience?  Come to me and allow me to fill you with peace, joy, love , forgiveness and true contentment. I can only do this if you spend time with me. Come to me, repent of trying to figure to get all the answers without me and again ask me to dwell within you. I am the comforter and I will free you of the chains you willingly carry.  These chains are called burdens, and I will FREE you of them with my loving hands.  I invite you now to come….. please come before the door closes and your soul belongs to the evil darkness on earth.

I love you, Yahshua.

Scriptures given for his word

Acts 15:16-21

Romans 4:2

Matthew 11:29-30

Luke 18:17

John 6:37

Luke 12:1

Mark 13:5-6

1Kings 6:12-13

Unsure how to pray warfare prayers, our sister Julie has provided a wonderful example on her blog, Behold, I am calling you now.


In summary, Yahshua wants us to remove anything keeping us from him. It’s that simple. Search your heart, what material things are keeping you from an intimate relationship with him?  He must be first in our life!  If he is first, we will read his word and he will speak to us as his word is ALIVE.    Once all barriers are removed, you will seek him with everything you have!

I sincerely promise you this, it happened for me.

Blessing to you,



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