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Hologram of Obama appeared in the sky – Victoria

Hologram of Obama appeared in the sky

Nov 14, 2019, 5:32 AM

I want to share a dream I had last night:

Obama’s projection appeared in the sky like on tv crystal clear. He started saying “So tell me you Fxxx Christians… how you drove this country into such mess?” and at this point his eyes started changing and I knew he was trying to hypnotize us, I immediately looked away because I felt it started to affect my thinking for a moment (it was SO strong!!). I knew those who continued looking would get hypnotized and could not be trusted. I knew to run. Next scene. I’m at this house with other Christian’s and Obama came in all of a sudden 😳 we all knew to not look into his eyes. Well everyone went hiding into this other room and another girl and stayed there to cover them. I noticed a kitchen sink and i decided to do dishes so i could look away. Well then Obama came close to us like that snake and targeted the girl next to me. He said “Look at me! Look at me!” real sweetly and then he paused… I understood that she was looking at him at that moment.

I got into another room to others. For some reason my oldest daughter was there too.
I told them again to not look!
My daughter asked me “So what is it going to cost us?” Meaning how dangerous is he? My reply was “Its going to cost us everything!” At this point this girl came into the room too and I asked “did you look at him???” And she said “no no of course not!” I believed her at first but later it occurred to me she became hypnotized and now worked for AC and was a wolf among us. Dream over.

The dream was sooo real, i woke up shaking.
Obamas presence was overbearing like you cant believe it, you could just sense evil in him, blood chilling feeling. Lord have mercy! Get us ready to escape all these things 😭😭😭
Thinking back now I think I was representing lukewarm christians who don’t know Jesus. Because not once have i prayed in my dream or even thought of God, it was fear fear fear. I know I’d be praying and asking Jesus for help! I did not feel Holy Spirit inside me like I usually do. I remember thinking “so it IS true?! It IS happening! All we were warned of!” Notice how he blamed Christians in the beginning of the dream (that’s why trump is playing a christian. All agenda)..

I can add that when I got fire baptized, while fire was still upon me I was given 2 visions. Both were about AC Obama.

Vision 1.  I saw a bust of Obama, Red Communist star and a Green glowing fingerprint (I think it represents all the biometric info they collect on us)

Vision 2.  I saw Obama with his left eye spinning round and round like a hypno spiral. And next to him was a Blood Red Moon.

I know from other revelations that they will transmit his “image” through every device possible even if unplugged. There will come a moment when we will need to get rid of all our devices. Apparently, it’ll be important to them that we LOOK at him directly no matter where we are at!

Perhaps, the right word to use is hologram instead of projection? Not sure
This image of Obama appeared so randomly with his question, it almost reminded me Trump and his Twitter messages.

Without Jesus we don’t stand a chance!


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