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Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Hollywood Production: Pieces Fall into Place on My Puzzle

July 6, 2023 9:39 AM


Each puzzle piece that I created has a place in my celestial and Earthly puzzle. I created the Universes, planets, sun, moon and stars. Everything has order and a correct placement. I Am the Producer, Director and Cameraman on my production. The audience are my children who are anticipating an incredible ending to my epic biblical production, we call life. All the sets are in place, the actors know their places and the camera is ready to roll.

My script can change according to the actors (players) and their moves. Will they choose sin and the world, or will they go on the straight and narrow road to righteousness? Are they prepared to go to Heaven, or are they only acting and pretending of who they truly are?

Many curves, facets and directions make up my puzzle. What part will you play? Will you get to know me? Will you learn your lines (actions) that will get you to Heaven?

My production is in the making. Will you attend? Will you buy your tickets? I wait to see if you will become a “star” headed for the heavenly realms. Show biz can be brutal, but depending on the direction and actions you take, they can also be your directional finder to Heaven.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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