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Hold Your Breath – Dana Coverstone

Hold Your Breath

October 28, 2020
Pastor Dana Coverstone

October 26-27 2020

Auto Generated Transcript

hey everybody pastor danny coverstone uh
brooksville kentucky had a
another dream that compiled over two
nights august 26 and 27th
and i woke up with a little bit
different understanding of this dream
i’m just going to share the dream and
let everybody else pray about it think
about it look at it
i dreamt that i saw people all over
americans during the daylight hours
in various places i saw people on wall
street suits and ties also people at
church i saw people at the park i saw
people at high school games
i saw people at malls i saw just people
doing normal things it looked more
normal than before
covet as you can imagine nobody was
wearing masks there were no concerns as
to disease or illnesses or anything
going on
people were acting like 2020 had never
and then suddenly a lot of those people
started to look up like they’d heard
there was no noise in the dream that i
heard i just saw people just look up
suddenly and like looking around
like that and then a bunch of them not
all of them but a bunch of them just
took a deep breath like like they were
holding their breath
like they’re about to jump into water or
something and other people
had not heard anything though and there
was like people the person talking to me
just kept talking looking at me
as if they couldn’t even tell i was
holding my breath they just kept talking
engaging with me other people once again
were looking
those people who looked around saw
something coming or heard something felt
something said something
took a deep breath we’re holding them
everybody else were just kept doing what
they were doing they were not even aware
that people were holding their breath
around them
and the people holding their breath were
not straining by any means not not
hurting to hold it in
they were just very calmly watching the
landscape around eyes
watching looking around while holding
the breath of what was happening
then i saw waves of water coming over
the landscape
and the surrounding mountains the
boundaries of the united states of
america were mountains
so take the outline from california all
the way to new york it was all about
the boundary the entire nation was all
and coming over the mountains was water
now not like tsunami waves not like
rushing waves just water just steady
just steady water and it was just
brilliant blue like ocean blue water
it wasn’t dirty it wasn’t murky it
wasn’t clear and transparent it was just
just blue ocean water coming over slowly
and it was like the water was going to
fill up the pool
of the mountains around the united
states of america
now the people who were holding the
acted like they hadn’t seen anything
scary coming the people holding their
breath we’re not worried we’re not
scared we’re not leery
we’re not panicking once again they just
kept remaining very very calm
they stood there holding their breath
some of their families by their sides
holding their kids hands
they did not run but they stood squarely
in place of where they were
the others however when they saw that
wall they were screaming they were
they were running but they had no place
to go and i could also see them just
looking pointed
making a fist looking in the sky and
cursing god
cursing the sky and the god that they
believe lived there
and the water was coming up to their
knees and people just kept yelling and
screaming and once again the people
holding their breath were just
calm and relaxed um so there were there
were two distinct groups those who were
holding their breath
and those who hadn’t even tried to hold
their breath yet one group was running
and caught off guard while the other
group was very very calm
and out of the group holding their
breath walked the man that i’ve seen
in the previous dreams the white figure
who’d always said brace yourself to
the hospital internist or the the person
from the hospital to the person
who hung the bucket on the on the sap uh
in among the maple trees he walks out
and he held up two fingers
on his right hand and he said clearly
stay braced
but don’t breathe just yet so once again
he held up two fingers and he said
stay braced but don’t breathe just
yet i had this over uh
monday night the 26th and tuesday night
last night the 27th
um not a whole lot more in that dream
but that’s what i saw i saw
the brace yourself figure anytime i have
one of those dreams with that person
saying brace yourself i’m going to share
i know we’re seeing a lot of tumultuous
stuff going to happen especially
in philadelphia we’ve seen another city
san bernardino had a situation
all sorts of crazy things are happening
in the news and so
i’m sharing this uh once again it
doesn’t fit the 2020
timeline i never saw anything with 2020
it was just everything was normal
everything was daylight
yet the people holding their breath
we’re very very calm and together and
i’m going to take it very
very easily very quickly those are
believers who are not panicked about
what they see
but the the figure said brace yourself
but don’t breathe
just yet almost like there’s more coming
than we can imagine more coming we can
whether it fits the timeline i don’t
know i’m just telling you the dream that
i had
that’s what i saw and i just simply
wanted to share it and uh for whatever
it’s worth
there it is so thanks for watching

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