HOLD ON! The Magnetism of the World – Victoria Ann


HOLD ON! The Magnetism of the World

May 23, 2022 11:46 PM
Victoria Ann

Received June 2 2017
Released Monday May 23, 2022

Friday, June 2, 2017 the Year of my Lord 745am

My dream was about a man [ I believe Donald Trump] and two separate actions that kept repeating over and over.  One where he does all that he can to do, but somehow he is restrained from doing it. The other is trying to …???  I only know that the reactions to what he was doing were not natural or normal; It is like dropping a water balloon from a tall distance and it should naturally explode in all directions, but instead of exploding, the water balloon refuses to break. Or when it does, it breaks in a manner that is very strange, very orderly. So it is done again and again to see if it was a strange anomaly, or it it happens that way all the time.  But it will not act the “natural way” but always breaks in the un-natural way.

It is disconcerting. I saw that there was a disconnect between what the man was doing and the responses in the natural world. It was physical. It concerned the physical thing; and the other was his own efforts….

I began to struggle with the words to put this into before I even was able to open my eyes this morning. It was clear in the dream, and I understood it there, but as soon as my mind tried to transfer it from what I was seeing in the dream into “words,” it would flee away from me.

In the background of the dream is the song “Through the Fire” [by the Crabb Family] again as it has been for about three nights now! “He never promised that the cross would not get heavy; that the hill would not be hard to climb! He never promised the victory without fighting, but He said help would always come in time! So when your standing in the valley of decision, and the adversary says “Give in!” Just hold on! Our Lord will show up! And He will take you through the fire again!”

Father I thank You, that You are soon coming to take Your Bride away from this! You will rescue the innocent from the wicked! I thank You for Your coming judgment upon the evil that seeks to reign over the earth; and that same evil will drive many into Your arms…

Now the Spirit of the Lord spoke…

“They thought they had more time!
They did not “have enough evidence” that what the “religious extremists” were saying was in any way valid.
They could not believe that what the world called “love” was actually a lie to manipulate, and to sedate and stupefy the world into their traps.
They could not believe that they were the “booty” for the evil forces at work in this world, since the beginning of creation.
They could not conceive of the Reality that was outside of their pursuit of money and fame and leisure.
They could not imagine that this world is a “green screen”:
A fake “reality” against which their lives are played; and they are forced by their ignorance to be the audience and by-standers to their own demise.

But, during this period of judgement they will wake up and see that it was all true. They will suddenly understand!
And those that are appointed to belong to Me will flock to Me in droves.
Just as the reality of the flood did not “sink in” to the inhabitants of the ancient world until the door was shut,
then they tried to force their way in, it was too late for them!

Now is the time of salvation!
Now is the time to surrender the lies and come into the light and truth!
Now is the time to be saved!
Now is the time to wake up!
Now is the time to ask for truth to be revealed to you!

Ask of Me and see if I do not reveal the truth to all who earnestly seek Me!
I will not turn away any who cry out to Me to save them; Who turn from their ways and trust their lives into My care.
I refuse My love to none who seek after Me and desire Me;
But they must turn away from the lies.
They must seek after the Truth and stand ready to receive a new life!
I do not offer My salvation as they continue down their own course.
No!! I offer a New Life!
—And that means a new reality, a new birth and a new course.

As it was in the days of Noah so it is now.
The scoffers scoff and say, “Nothing has changed, it is as it has always been!”
And the world marches on, abusing those that belong to Me,
mocking that which belongs to Me and is of Me.

I know those that are Mine; I watch over them and they have what help they need to finish their courses.
There are some who will, in their remaining time be allowed to gain their greatest rewards for their faithfulness to Me, as they are tested to the uttermost.
Others will shrink back. But those who exchange their lives for eternal life shall be greatly rewarded for their suffering and sacrificial love for Me!

In these last days it will become increasingly difficult to do what you desire to do.
There is a great magnetism and energy that is pulling My children away from Me.
It is like the dream you had where you are on the narrow road, walking one step in front of the other, and though your every intent is to walk the invisible road,
you must overcome incredible resistance to even lift your feet!
You find that you are literally using every fibre of your being to pull your way,
inch by inch along.
—That is the magnetism of the evil one, that he is pouring out upon the earth.
That is what you saw in the dream.
You intend to do something and it does not work like it had before.
You drop something and it acts differently: Magnetism.

What do I do Father?

Keep your eyes fixed on Me.
Hold on and pull yourself along with all your strength to resist the pull of the world!
It is increasingly difficult for you to stay away.
— This I know, and that is the magnetism I Am talking about.
All of it is a dark vortex that cost you hours every time you let go of Me.
Be careful of what you allow yourself to indulge in.
This is what I Am talking about:–The draw of the world with the events that are one on top of the other like non-stop contractions.
—And the world prepares to give birth to the next coming king.
There will be two at the same time!
One is caught up to heaven and the other is welcomed by the world!
The one that is welcomed by the fallen world is the false Messiah.
And the one caught up to Me is My Bride: The body of Christ!
It will be a simultaneous event.??
The world will not understand what happened, but the discerning will.
They will know. To their horror, they will understand.
They will know they must now choose Whom they shall serve, as they will no longer have blinders shielding them from the truth…
They shall know the Truth and even then, the Truth shall set multitudes free!
They shall be freer than they have ever been before,
and this will give them the power and the joy and strength to hold fast and go through the fire into victory.

I shall show up for them! I will not abandon My children to the fire!
But they are those that will come to understanding and life in this time.
These are very precious to Me!
They will know a protection that will be unique to them at this time.
They will walk in a joy that will be a great testimony to the Truth and Life that calls them to walk unafraid at this time.
—For they will know that My words are true and they will find much comfort in My promises that I have made to My children
who will go through this time of purification and judgement.

While the world is judged, they will be purified.
They will serve Me in My temple, as they are purified by the sprinkling of blood for the service in My temple.
As it was shown to Moses, so it is. None shall take their life from them!
They shall gladly surrender it to come into My presence and My Kingdom and their great reward.

Strive as you have never strived before to do the work you are called to do!
It will be important for those that are left behind.
Do all you can to keep your eyes fixed on Me.
I Am with you. I Am with you!”


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