Hitler 2.0! – Benjamin Faircloth

Hitler 2.0!

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America, do not be deceived by the powers that be, you are headed for disaster quicker than you realize! Your day of reckoning approaches, your time of judgment is being revealed! The net of your captivity has been spread while you foolishly sleep on your watch! I have warned you and the nations of these days. A fierce leader will arise and rule with demonic forces. The Anti-Christ, the Son of Perdition, is waiting in the shadows of a decaying nation and world! History will repeat itself, because it is the precursor of the future, a template of what is to come! My Hands have held back these dark forces of Truth, written in My Word, but few believe it is so. Therefore, with increasing pressure, I will lift My Hands to reveal these forces. What will you do when I completely lift My Hand? Some will run to Me, others will flee. But I say unto you that love Me, stay true to My Word, stay within My Shadows and wings of Grace, and I will protect you during the dark days of judgement! Change is coming to the world, and carnage will be the NORM of that day!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 22)


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