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His Lambs – Deb H

His Lambs

September 21, 2020 6:01 PM
Deb H
His lambs, a spiritually protected speciecs (a vision)

I and many others have said that America has not JUST turned away from God, but has turned ON Him like a pack of rabid wolves.

Prior to getting to sleep and while contemplating those words on the night of 9/20/20, I too began thinking about how it sometimes feels like Christians are much like helpless lambs, staked out on the Serengeti to await our earthly fate – being slaughtered by satanically inspired human “rabid wolves”, for there is MUCH turmoil, tribulation, persecution and even death coming!

I was not complaining or asking to “escape” anything which the Lord chooses to allow in my life, it was really more a contemplative observation. I love the fact that we can talk to God about anything and everything, He actually invites us to do so!

I immediately received the following vision.

I saw a pack of wolves, pacing back and forth, eager to take down and devour their next meal. Sure enough, a few feet from the wolves was a small group of what seemed to be utterly defenseless lambs – “easy pickings”…

HOWEVER, then appeared between the wolves and their intended prey, a magnificent male Lion (representative of Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah).

Now, no matter how tempting prey may be, only a wolf which is not in its right mind or in the case of a “human wolf”, one which is demonically possessed, would remotely consider pitting itself against a full-grown male Lion in a fighting posture and prime condition!

The lambs, which were now standing behind the Lion were notably few, but all were brilliantly white, without dirt, spot or blemish. Too, rather than showing fear of the Lion or wolves (their natural enemies), they merely watched what happened with calm, curious interest.

One by one the wolves approached, thinking to soon enjoy a nice lamb snack. Instead the Lion dispatched each with a single, powerful bite, cleanly breaking the wolf’s neck. After spitting the beast from its mouth and the carcass dropping to the ground, the Lion calmly awaited the approach of the next wolf.

The sense was one of the Lion communicating to the wolves – “Come on boys, let’s rumble – which of you wants to go next!”

The predators became prey, all were destroyed.

This is a beautiful picture of the SPIRITUAL protection, which true believers have in Jesus. That said, I believe that some will be protected and provided for physically in supernatural ways in the times shortly to come, as they remain doing the Fathers business!

This earth is NOT our home, we’re just passing through it with our guide and protector!



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