Jan 5, 2020 7:06 AM
Stephen Hanson

(This is a message from about a year and half ago. I thought it was relevant to now. We shall see what comes forth.)

18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land. Psalm 35:20

“Watch and wait. Watch the one who elevates himself above other men. For what would appear as peace will in the end not be one at all. For I have not chosen this one to cause great things to happen. No indeed, the great pride will propel you into another war.

Woe to those who say that peace is on the horizon. Woe to those who speak falsehoods–for lies and deceit are ever in the heart of this man. This land that you now call home will be threatened, and surely, peace will not come to your shores. The door has been opened, and in time, destruction will come.

But perhaps you would rather listen to those prophets and preachers that only tell you what you want to hear. Perhaps you’d rather keep your heads buried in the sand. Those who do such things can’t see a storm that is coming. If you want to live in a dream, then close your eyes to the things around you. Most of the people in this world have shut their eyes to the things that are happening around them. Somehow they would say, ‘Things will surely get better; for our leaders know what is best for us.’ Foolish people! You have followed the voices of a lost and degenerate society.

Those who lead your government now are like white-washed tombs. They promise things and yet there is death within. But I have a remnant and they have seen beyond all the fanfare. They have seen beneath the lies that have been spewed. “

Stephen Hanson

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  1. Bella Orsi

    I see Trump as vain but not so much prideful like Obama. I think Trump is a proud man with a big heart and has a high work ethic. This is all leading up to Jesus Kingdom and his reign whatever twist and turns God decides to take remember he’s in the driver’s seat controlling all the players and putting his plans into effect.

  2. Alice R.

    The national media does not tell the news from God’s angle, but from the narrative of the people who own the media. I believe the death of Soleimani was a good thing, as he was an evil man. Christians need to stand with God & not be so quick to side with the media narrative. Yes, there will be conflicts in the last days. Soleimani was a top New World Order player, & very anti-God. Satan & God are in warfare. This does not mean we need to jump ship with our faith, or turn on people who stand up against evil.

  3. Margaret Blake

    Like President Trump or not; He is the man GOD selected to steer the United States of America from the clutches of the Satanic group of NWO political and corporate leaders (in America and worldwide) that had set the stage for Hilary to become president. (Had she won, it would have been a takeover of not just America, but the entire world.)
    GOD called me in 2015 to commence praying for then Donald Trump after he had made known his running in the 2016 Presidential election. Up til then, I had never involved myself in American politics; only viewed news reports of what was going on. I would say that pretty much every day until early last year I prayed for President Trump and America.
    Sometime in 2018, the Lord began speaking to me about Donald Trump being a ‘reprieve’ for GOD’s people in America (and in all other nations of the world). The Lord showed me that Donald Trump becoming President of the United States was to give GOD’s people the time to do something about the deep rooted problems that were plaguing the Church and the Body of Christ. He showed me the great apathy that was insidious throughout the whole church worldwide toward living their lives righteously, and the great reluctance to come out from the things of the world that held their interest and involvement and consumed their time.
    The Lord showed me the refusal and denial of church leaders to prepare their flocks for the end times, but instead keep on with their own message agenda.
    But something shifted in the spirit in early 2019 and the Lord now has me praying less and differently for America and for President Trump. I still see President Trump as the man GOD has placed at the helm of this once great nation; but now I pray for mercy for America, for guidance and protection for President Trump according to what GOD has in mind for him and America; and the humbling and strengthening of GOD’s people in America and worldwide through repentance and forgiveness. I pray that we all turn and return to the Lord, who is our head and Redeemer.
    Interestingly enough, the Lord has me taking a more aggressive stand against the leadership in my country, Canada. Such a little country in population compared to the United States, but the evil goings on, corruptions and perversions are many. Canada is not a peace keeping country as it would have many to believe. Do not be fooled. It is politically correct to the disgust of all that is righteous and has aligned itself with the UN and the NWO Cabal Globalist Satanic agenda. It murders it unborn and euthanizes its most vulnerable citizens and has legalized that which GOD considers an abomination. Politically is socialist driven (with overtones of Communism) and the present leader has gagged its own party members who are pro-life and the sanctity of life.
    I will continue to pray for America and President Trump as the Lord directs me.

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