Hijacked! – Benjamin Faircloth

By Benjamin Faircloth


“Your nation and the world has been hijacked by the spirit of darkness, and I have let him! Your sin has reached My Throne, and My plans are now readied to revive those who will receive My Grace, and reject those who turn away! I have waited for My Precious fruit, I have labored in My Field, yet few follow Me into My Harvest of plenty and rest.

Judgment must begin for a nation who has rejected Me, for a Church who has deflected Me and who has turned My Truth into a fable and a lie!

I AM coming says your God, A Sword in one hand and a Sickle in the other. I will mete out My Anger and I will collect what is owed! You think I am blind and perceive I have no ears. But I see all and I know all; do not be deceived, the storms that are here, will not leave because of a mere prayer. Repentance will stay My Hand for a moment or season, in one place, here and there (Goshen places) But I will execute My Will upon the wicked. My seals of Revelation are opening and soon the nations will know that I AM God!”

(Scripture reference: Isaiah 17)

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