Hell, Testimony

Hell Tour – Mark

Fallen Angels in Hell
Artist: John Martin (1789–1854)

Hell Tour

March 22, 2021


It’s taken this long to finally share some of it.

I thought I had plenty of intestine and my gut was now fixed so I was very optimistic that I dodged this dicy bullet. (The morphine machine was doing the reasoning) I woke in the middle of the night on fire with my abdomen blown up like a full term pregnant woman, it took every ounce of what was left in my depleted tank to reach the buzzer to ring the nurse. Thank God she answered.

The doctor rushed in my room and proceeded to rip open my partially healed gut with his hands. This decisive brutal action definitely saved my life. (Most Doctors deserve every penny) I saw pus infused fluids fly 2 feet in the air before I passed out, again. (This was really getting stale)

Next thing I know I’m floating above the bed and could see myself lying there gutted as a deer with a brownish goo of pus and blood all over the nice white sheets.

An ethereal being with a no nonsense countenance firmly grabbed my shoulder and proceeded to take me down a long rough hewn vertical shaft. It stunk, was hot and the air was void of oxygen. The sounds of anguish and filthy dialogue are indescribable.
We were flying head first at a high rate of speed with my face 6 inches away from the wall. I told the guide to slow down and for us to lead with our feet; he accelerated and intimated I was not in charge here.

I’m like 10-4 buddy. The tunnel opened into a massive cavern, we did a perfect forward somersault and stuck the landing. I was standing in wiggling worms up to my ankles; the stench and heat, oh the stench..My guide was smart and perched on a rock.

My eyes adjusted in the blackness and caught some movement to the left. What looked like something growing out of the side wall of the cave was a pathetic, defeated looking black angel. It must have been there a long time as the mineral deposits encased it almost to the elbows. It’s arms were together as if it had been handcuffed, it’s right wing was immobilized and part of the cave wall. It flapped it’s left wing like an injured bird to try and scoot it’s body around. It slowly lifted it’s head, gave us a side glance and turned away. I actually felt sorry for it. Demons of every type were flying all around screaming obscenities and wailing.

A 3 foot diameter snake slithered by for what seemed like forever until it disappeared into the blackness. Then this nasty creature who’d make the Klingon General Martok look good non chalantly stopped and slammed me against the cave wall before moving on.

I looked up at my tour guide who raised his hand and things went quiet; I could get no air. As I was passing out I figured this time I truly was toast; I saw a shimmer of white on the cave floor and crawled to it. I laid on the cloth and immediately knew I would live. It was a very welcome oasis.
I could feel the worms wiggling under the lifesaving barrier..

The angelic warrior entity grabbed me and took me out of the hell hole. I was a rag doll with frayed stitching. The demons followed and I sensed a barrier they could not cross.

My guide imparted some far reaching personal knowledge, (all which has come true) he then headed to the bright, bright, white light emanating from the tunnel on the right.

I was instantly back floating above and looking down at my own dead self; I was in a different room, all cleaned up with tubes in every orifice. I floated for a bit wondering how I’d get past the tubes when through no effort of my own I reinhabited the vessel…My teeth were hot..

They tell me I was in hospital for a extended time while I can only remember vague incident snippets from 2 days.

I did receive my last rites. As a nun beaten altar boy I have to believe it helped; couldn’t hurt..(lol)
Sepsis is a stone cold beast.

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