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Hell… The Problem That Never Ends – Bro. John in MO.


Hell… The Problem That Never Ends

September 25, 2021 3:14 PM
Bro. John in MO.

After being backslid for many years, in Nov. of 2008, the Lord allowed some painful health problems into my life as chastisement, to bring me back into his perfect will. Having no health insurance, I had to put my health concerns, and my trust, completely into God’s hands for healing. (even more so now, as I have not had health insurance for the past 18 years…but I do have ETERNAL LIFE INSURANCE!) God can absolutely be trusted as your healthcare provider! But if you can’t trust him NOW, you for sure won’t be able to trust him later, when things really get bad. In 2009, the Lord led me to start watching Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and on Jan. 26th, 2010, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, while I was watching Jimmy Swaggart on T.V. one night. (I love Bro. Swaggart, but I absolutely reject his teaching on Dispensationalism/Pre-Trib Rapture) After I was filled with the Holy Spirit, all hell broke loose in the spirit world of darkness against me. While I was going through hellish attacks of spiritual warfare, and demonic oppression, I was also caring full time, 24/7, for my elderly Mother, who had Dementia.

That was the most horrible, and stressful time I had ever gone through in my life. During the Spring of 2011, my sister had come out to stay a couple of days, to give me a brief break from caring for my Mother, so that I could get some work done around the house. This one particular day, I was in the garage, lying on the floor under the riding lawn mower, which was up in the air, on jacks. I had taken both of the mower blades off, and sharpened them, and I was in the process of putting the blades back on. After I put the last blade back on, and snugged the nut up real tight, I felt a sigh of relief that the job was completed..until I looked on the floor and saw that I had forgot to put two washers on the bolt before the nut! Right then, a flood of emotions began to hit my mind. First of all, I was mad at myself for being so careless, and not paying attention to what I was doing. Then I started thinking about the hot, sweaty, three hours of mowing and trimming that I had ahead of me. Then I thought about my sister…she would be leaving to go back home soon, and I would be left all alone again to care for my Mother, and all of the stress involved with that.

On top of these frustrating emotions that were hitting me all at once, Satan had been bombing my mind 24/7, for months, with awful, hellish, blasphemous thoughts against the Lord, and against the Holy Spirit… in an all out, Code Red attack from the pit of hell. It was not exactly what you would call a fun time in my life. So, I just laid there on the concrete floor of the garage for a minute or two, and had a good old fashioned pity party. (Poor, poor, pitiful me) Then it happened. Out of the blue, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said: “There are millions of people in hell right now, who would love to come back and have your problems.” Friends, I knew it was the Lord…and let me tell you…it really shook me up to hear something like that, so unexpectedly. I just laid there on the floor, unable to work for a few minutes. Talk about the fear of God coming on you…that was a word from the throne. From that moment on, the problems didn’t matter..it was like my outlook on everything totally changed…because I was alive, and not in hell! That day… the grass seemed greener, and the sky seemed more blue. I was just happy to be alive, and I knew that no matter how bad things were…God had everything under control, despite the problems.

Life down here on earth is not uneventful, to say the least, especially for us Christians. (Psalm 34:19) “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: But the Lord delivereth them out of them all.” We all go through a lot of different things…financial problems, health problems, marriage problems, depression, worry, etc. But the thing is, as a children of God, the Lord goes through them WITH us, and we always have hope in our trials, knowing that one day our trials will be over for good. But those in hell have no hope, they have the problem that NEVER ends.

It is not a pleasant thing to think about, but there are people in all of our lives, whom we have talked to, laughed with, cried with, had lunch with, and worked with at some point in our lives, who are in hell right now. It’s very sad, but it is the truth, and there is nothing that can change their situation now. You who are reading this, if you are not saved, or you know that you are not right with the Lord, please humbly confess to God that you are sinner, and call upon the name of Jesus, and ask him to forgive you of all your sins, and make him Lord of your life, and he will gladly do it…if you sincerely mean it.

I will never forget those words that the Lord spoke to me that day while working in the garage. The Lord has brought the thought of that day back to me many times, in the midst of trials, and afflictions, and it’s always humbled me, and reminded me that I really have no problems at all…not like some people have. And to the saints of God who may be reading this, please hear me. I am not trying to minimize anyone’s suffering, or pain in any way. (Sometimes it seems that God’s saints suffer more than anyone else.) But keep in mind, that no matter what problem you are going through, no matter how bad it may be, if God Almighty were to get up off of his throne, and walk down through the fires of hell right now and say: “There is a person back on earth, who is going though many horrible trials and afflictions right now, and I’m warning you…it’s a very bad case….one of the worse I have ever seen…is there anyone down here in hell, who would volunteer to trade places with them for the next six months?” You had better believe that every single hand in hell would be raised high to volunteer for the mission.

Yes, we do go through a lot problems while we are on this planet, but there is no one in hell right now, who wouldn’t trade places with you, no matter what it is that you are going through. The Lord spoke this word personally to me over ten years ago, and now I freely give it to you. There is someone who needed to hear this word today. You may be alone, in pain, sick, depressed, or in a great trial of some kind that seems hopeless, but…. YOU ARE NOT IN HELL! Millions, upon millions, would gladly trade places with you, and would give anything to have YOUR little problem…and in comparison to eternal damnation, ALL our problems are little. There are many entrances into hell, but sadly, there are no exits. May all of us, that are truly saved, thank God every day for his merciful kindness. Most of all, may we thank him that we do not have the problem that never ends.

Bro. John in Mo.

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