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Hell: Summary of visions – McKana


Hell: Summary of visions

June 14, 2022 11:34 AM

June 14, 2022

Matthew 12:30 (KJV)
He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Matthew 6:24(KJV)
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold
to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Some learn fast, some learn the easy way, some learn the hard way, some don’t learn at all.
The believers, people saved in the harvest, people who go through the hard times and endure to the end even going through the tribulation will be saved. There are many who will go through the fire and don’t learn. There is time for everything, as well time to repent.

The scripture is clear, the words of the Lord are true and proven, even then there are those who don’t want to believe even after seeing. Heaven is real and hell exists. God is true and the devil is at work. For light there is darkness, for good there is evil, for positive there is negative, for heaven there is hell. There is heaven above, there is the dark, frightening, endless pit of hell bellow.

We speak of what the Lord has shown us, all the above. What good is it, if we speak of the good Heavenly Kingdom of God and leave hell as if it doesn’t exist. As heaven is the presence of Almighty God, a place of life, love, light, peace, plenty and no sin, hell is the absence of Almighty God, the presence of the evil devil and an everlasting torment in the dark, the lake of fire of hell.

The choice to be with Almighty God is give freely for all. Mankind goes to hell by his/her own choice. The primary job of all the messengers of the centuries and of these days is to deliver what is given to us, as it is, for all to know and make their choice. The way to heaven is narrow, full of trials and tribulations. The road to hell is wide, is the choice of the comfort of this passing world, the way of disobedience, pride, deception and believing in the lies of the enemy.
Even though we gave it in single testimonies, we have given many testimonies of heaven, the goodness, lovingkindness of our Lord. We have delivered many testimonies about our saved, loved ones, the beautiful heavenly mansions waiting for the faithful.

This is a short summary of hell, with a warning, where the disobedient and unrepentant are going.

I. The Smocking Sulfur Land
(No date, ~2012)

I am in a very strange land. I don’t know how I got there but I am behind few “beings.” They are sitting on a stone out in a field. I snuck from their back and crawled by my hand and knees like a little child, spying on them. There are few of them, three four having a discussion of their plan, what their next move is, I understood. I came close between the two of them and looked left and right to see what they are and what they look like. At the same time, In that short moment, I looked forward to the field. They noticed I am between them, a stranger they never expected. These are frightening things. I realized their anger, before they take any action, I was no more there. After seeing what they are, little startled of where I am, I was gone in no time. What I saw in front of them at a distance is very strange. In the very wide open field, there are many duns, like termite duns, made of smoking sulfur. The sulfur smokes, the area looks arid. The smoking sulfur, hard to breath and the arid dry scorched land is out of the realm of this world. I called it “The smoking sulfur land.” Without knowing where I was, I said, is there a place like this, but were can it be?

I have no idea that I was in hell. I was not afraid until they scared me much looking at me, I didn’t breath the air, if at all there is air to breath, neither felt the torment of the place.

These were the demons planning, I thought, what they are going to do going up to earth.

I wondered why I was there with no notice. The truth is, If I was told I will go down to hell to see the “sulfur land,” I will definitely say NO! NO! NO! NO!. This is not the first time to be in a place I never expected.

II. The Unbeliever Gone Down.
(No date, ~2012)

This is an unbeliever who worship demons of the east where there are many many idols, gods and religions. Sad as it is, this is a person I know well, is a kind of person who can’t be convinced or change.
I am seeing the vision from the back. Like an elevator box, this person is in a very polished glass box. The glass box is gradually descending down to the deep earth. Half of the glass box is above and half below the ground. The way I saw and understood the vision is, the person is unaware of where the drive is descending, blinded by the very comfortable and richs of life.

I have much difficulty sharing this and still struggle with it.

Not unbelievers but those who think they believe, sadly are in the same descending glass box.

III. The Dark Frightening, Endless Pit of Hell.

Psalm 23:1-6 (KJV)
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

For the believers, good news. For the unbelievers, know where you are going. For the doubters, have faith.

Out of the many dreams, revelation and visions the Lord gave me, here are two pieces of the glimpse of the dread of hell. Hell is first reveled to appreciate and love the beauty and the perfection of heaven. God is perfect.

The Frightening, Dark, Endless Pit of Hell.
(Dream/Vision of 2013)

There is a valley going West to East. A wall of cliff on the right and left side. At the bottom of the valley, there is sand, very fine grain of sand like the sand of the beaches. I am at the bottom end of the valley, my face to the ground struggling to have a grip of something. I am sliding towards the center and there is nothing to hold on. I silded to the very edge of the pit, the dark pit, an endless one. My feet is almost at the entrance. The circular dark entrance is clear to see. My hands are stretched left and right to grab the sand sliding with me to the endless pit. The fear I am experiencing is indescribable. I am in utter, unimaginable fear. I am about to go down to The Frightening, Dark, Endless Pit of Hell. Once gone, there is no return. With my agonizing struggle, I am voiceless, there is nothing left in me, no energy, no voice, no thoughts of survival, completely helpless. I knew I am in trouble for eternity. A force lifted me up, out to the southern end of the shadow of the valley death (Psalm 23:4).

Now, I am in the woods, thorny woods, with a friend. The two of us are in the thorny wood where there is no even slight freedom of mobility. Any move, the sharp thorns is near like a spear. Again, the same force lifted us to the Northern end over the valley of death. Now we are in a narrow street. We started running fast, uphill to the top of the mountain, away from the valley. I see some coins on the ground, just few. I am tempted to pick them but kept running uphill. The reality ended there. Saved by the grace of God.

The sinners, the disobedient, the unrepentant and the lovers of the world have something to fear, the fear of death, the second one, the dark, frightening endless pit of hell and the lake of fire for eternity. Time to put ones life in order. The sooner the better and now. There is no time left.


IV. Hell, and the eternal Lake of fire.
(Vision of 2015.)

In real life, one morning, I went to the local library in our neighborhood. I arrived early and took a small nap inside the car, sitting in the drivers sit facing West. I am awake but sleepy. A window in the high sky opened and what I see shook me. I see a “being” next to the window. He looks like golden fame, like melted brass. I see his full figure, with long robe down to his feet. I can see through him. He is facing me and looking at me with sadness. I looked behind him, there is fire, a lake of fire, like molten lava. In the fire, there are people visible above their necks, the rest of their body is in the flame. They are burning in the lake of fire of hell. They have short hair, strongly built stiff necks and understandably fattened from their earthly life. I understood I know them. I can’t see their distinct faces. He slide the shutter with his left hand to the right and closed the window in the high sky. What I saw was the Lord, saddened by the souls lost forever. I didn’t hear Him say anything but it is clear, I understood him telling me “Warn them.” You are all warned. Hell is real and forever. Don’t be deceived by the temporal and the carnal. Jesus Christ, the crucified, the Son of God is the only hope for humanity and all Nations.


V. Hell opened up.

God passes His judgement on a Nation who worship idols and false gods.

Hell opened up- Halloween Party.
(Revelation of October 12, 2017 4:30PM)

I took a small nap. It was full of irritation. I see to my right some sort of clay, sand dun as big as the
size of a tall man and half, a human figure (Clay=Man). Next to it, I see hell open, practically hell, the fire yellow flame of hell. It looks like a small volcano opened up, the size of a house, round with the flame rising up like forest fire galloping up the same as the height of the house. I felt like kicking
the clay dun with my elbow, I am not sure if I did but the urge was there. I woke up with an unbearable headache. Sat down and wondered what I saw.
I came out for my regular walk. In the same direction I saw the vision, there is a big party in one fairly big house with a swimming pool and umbrellas. The music is very loud, there are a good number of people going in and out. I thought it is a normal get together party. I passed without paying much
attention. When I return back, I came to realize it is a Halloween party. I see a number of pumpkins,
thirteen of them, five to the right and seven to the left, outside on each side of the door. There
is a Halloween costume hanging by the entrance of the door and people are gathered, going in and out.
I rebuked the devil, sounded the Shofar from my cellphone and shouted saying“The Lord will fight our fight!”

The message is clear. Halloween is of the devil. By celebrating Halloween, they opened the gate of hell. They are not celebrating Christ. They are celebrating the devil. Halloween is one of the deceptions. Man cant serve two masters, it is written “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”Matthew 6:24(KJV)

Thank you Lord for reveling this great deception.


Repent! Repent! Repent!
This Is The Last Moment to Repent!


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