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Heavens Crowning Ceremony – Janet Jones Carpenter

Heavens Crowning Ceremony

Sunday, November 3, 2019
Janet Jones Carpenter

Awoke at 4:44 am

Although, the Lord mainly gives me dreams, sometimes he will give me a vision. Usually, I am made very well aware of the direction in the dreams and visions. While I may or may not understand the meaning of the dreams and visions shared, if I was given an understanding to share, I will share it.

Please understand I do not wish to gain notoriety, nor do I believe I am better than any other Child of God nor do I profess to be a prophetess. I am simply a Child of God who is trying to share a message I believe is from my Lord and Savior, Yeshua who is also called Jesus. There is great urgency in this late hour for saving the lost. All the mocking received is well worth it if even one soul is saved, even if that soul only be my own.

While previous dreams and visions were not given a title; I felt the spirit tell me there is a title for this one called “Heavens Crowning Ceremony”.

Dream is as follows;

There was a glorious ceremony in heaven that I and many, many others were attending. Every person at the ceremony knew each other very well even if we hadn’t known them on earth. It was so beautiful and everyone was happy beyond measurement. There were so many people that they could not possibly be numbered, yet it felt as if each one was right beside me.

We were all inside some kind of building that had huge columns with vining plants not seen on the earth. One such fruit I have seen before in another dream about heaven. It was a peach like fruit shaped like a rose that grew on a vine. It smelled like a peach and rose combined. It was edible as well as ornamental.

The light shined all over from inside and outside of the building with beautiful prisms of gold in so many shades that it cannot be described. The light was alive and it was a very comforting feeling to be in the light.

One by one, each person was called to the front of the ceremony to stand before Jesus. During this part of the ceremony, Jesus gave each person their crown. With each crown came special jewels of which are not of the earth. Each jewel represented something special that the person had overcome during life on earth. During this part of the ceremony, Jesus had a special one on one conversation with each person concerning their personal endurance of persecutions in life.

Now, it was my turn to stand before Jesus to receive my crown. The moment was intimate and incomparable to any experience on earth. We knew and felt everything about the other, but not in a romantic way. For some reason, I only remember a small portion of what Jesus said to me at the end of our conversation. I remember Jesus giving me four specific jewels and what they represented. The jewels he gave me represented a mother’s persecution concerning her children. I received one jewel for each of my children for enduring the persecution concerning each child. After these jewels were given to me, Jesus, facing me with his hands on my shoulders and leans his forehead on mine.

I woke up at 4:44 am.

Special Note: My youngest son claimed at age nine to have visited heaven. He gave many details that he said he was allowed to share.

One such detail is as follows;

One thing he said was how big the tree of life is. That the roots are very special. The roots are of the tree but also like a stone. It is the most precious and strongest stone like material. He said God has taken a little of the roots and did something special to it. When he finished, he had made an impenetrable armor for the warrior angels. It is stronger than diamonds. It is clear like a diamond but also gold. It is not found on earth and it’s name begins with a “q”. I then asked him if he meant quartz and he laughed and said “no mom, remember it’s not found on earth”. He said that God made it because the angels are going to war very soon. This is just one small part of what he said.

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