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Hearing the Voice of Our Lord: A Matter of Life and Death, Part I – Life In The Spirit

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Hearing the Voice of Our Lord: A Matter of Life and Death, Part I

February 6, 2023 4:49 PM
Mark Peterson, Ph.D.

Dear Friends and Family:

Our nation is facing World War III, hyperinflation, famine, and pestilence like none of us have ever experienced in our lives. We are entering the End Times prophesied in the Bible, and soon dramatic, life-changing events will take place in America and other nations.

So it is more critical than ever to draw close to the Lord for His comfort, guidance, and direction. It may save your life or mine, as we will see in Parts I and II of this issue of Life in the Spirit. Just as the Holy Spirit warned, comforted, and guided the apostles through treacherous times and situations, He will do the same for us if we will seek Him in total humility. Here is “Hearing the Voice of Our Lord – A Matter of Life and Death, Part I”. Part II will be coming soon.


This blog is for the remnant Bride of Christ and all who seek the Truth. As in all things, question everything and take it to the Lord for confirmation.

Always remember – we were created to live at this time, to be a witness to our Lord to all who He brings across our path. And that the safest place to be is in the center of our Lord’s will.

Have a blessed day, and always remember Who is really in charge.


Mark Peterson, Ph.D.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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