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Hear the Word of the Lord – Eddie Paul Flowers


Hear the Word of the Lord

October 24, 2021
Eddie Paul Flowers



Auto Generated Transcript

hear the word of the lord
i have been long suffering with you all
i am going to be
i have given you
i have given you warning
warning after warning
through many of my true
and yet the false prophets are still
crying out that you have time
they’re lying
saith the lord
they speak not
for me
because of my love for you because of my
mercy i have given you the time that i
but i tell you today that time is
my judgments are here upon the earth
and i will pour them out one by one by
one until they are all spilled out upon
the earth and much
blood will be shed saith the lord
i have loved you
i have embraced you
i have covered you in my mercy and many
of you still play the harlot
go a whoring after other gods including
the god of yourself
you cannot point the finger at me and
say i didn’t give you time you can’t
point the finger at me and say i didn’t
have mercy on you yes i have because
today you can see and hear this preacher
but some of you
will see this preacher no more
for i have drawn the line
and some of you have crossed it
some of you there is no point of return
will no longer hear your prayers
i will no longer show you my mercy
you’ve pushed me to my limit
i will show mercy unto my true remnant
the ones who have believed in me who
have obeyed me
have suffered for me
because they knew i have suffered for
mark this day
mark this day
your time is up saith the lord of hosts
i will hear some of you
no more
many have rejected me
too long
from henceforth
i will pour out my love and mercy
on my true children
that ye be found worthy to escape the
things that are coming for horrible are
the days ahead dark are the days of head
rehearse many will be hungry and thirsty
naked and cold with no roof over your
and when i will not hear you
what will you do in that day
there’s coming a day that there will be
silence in heaven for the space of half
an hour
all the saints behold
what has become
of the wicked

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