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Hear O Babylon America – Pollox


Hear O Babylon America

June 20, 2021 3:40 PM

O Babylon your transgressions have mounted up like a mountain of sin. The people are mad! They look at the mountain and say, “So What?” The mosquito (satan) comes now, for your blood, in exchange for the 60+ million aborted children you have killed, of the Living God. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! The scales will be balanced, by your demise O Babylon America!

How few of you can see the forest for the trees. Your myriad idols have blinded you to what you have done to your souls, minds, bodies, families, friends, enemies, God’s creation.

“It’s All Good,” I heard a young man say!

Read ISAIAH Chapter 47 Verses 1 – 15

The storm is here. The tree is snapped in-half. The dust is your future food. The throne of Babylon is overturned. Thy youth destroyed. Thy shame stripped bare. Thy relief not anywhere to be seen: No Rescue! Thy hegemony O Babylon decimated. The yoke you put on other nations and peoples returned to you double. Thy end in one day, commenced. Thy wisdom and knowledge abashed.

O Babylon America, I AM has waited for you to return to your God, but you would not and now it is too late, to hold back My Hand of Justice. All the plans for your demise are set.

As for the few who Know, Love and Serve your God: Be At Peace. The Cross Of Christ Will Appear In The Sky For Seven Days And Then The New Pentecost Will Be lived By All The Sons And Daughters Of The Most High God. Anon!

Epilogue: The Tree of Liberty was planted by your founding fathers. It was also a Tree of Liberty from sin. Free from oppression to grow straight and strong in the sun. God gave you good soil and the rains to nourish your youth. How soon you turned away from your Father, the Divine Gardner, to follow the evil one. The Tree of Liberty became a commodity, only to be sold as lumber, to the highest price. You squandered your legacy of greatness and inheritance for a pig’s swill.

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