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Heads up! They are coming – Watchman Marah
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Heads up! They are coming

October 7, 2020 8:45 AM
Watchman Marah

I woke this morning, 10/07/20 shaking and crying from an intense dream! It was so real that my body felt like I was in shock. So I took a shower to calm down. As I was drying off, Mike444 was giving this word from the 444News site. “America, America. Come down from your Pedistle. – Only a grain of sand” Immediately I knew what my dream meant.

Dream: I was out in the deep woods when I was approached by a Grizzly. It was huge and it was hungry. I slowly tried to scan for a safe place. But there was no where to go. The bear eyed me and charged. I was torn apart and devoured by this bear.

I woke from this dream shaking and crying!

I left out horrible visuals. But this is my greatest fear. Being a Wisconsin girl, bear attacks were common.
Then I heard that broad cast. This watchman was declaring the coming of Iran, Russia and China. I see Russia as a Bear and have given dreams about their coming. And I know Iran with their Sharia Law will be coming too. But I also realize that this will be a bad dream for many Americans who cannot relate to invaders on our soil.

My dream was a wake up call for me. Because I have felt that hopeless terror! Now you can try to fight them. And maybe put up a good fight, but if God has given us into their hands, their is nothing we can do to prevent it.

God has warned us, time and time again. And though I was drawing close to the Lord and taking shelter in His secret place, the hard reality is you will be overcome by this event, as I was in my dream. It was TERROR!

So my advice to you brothers and sisters is to Repent with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He can deliver those who are His! He does not turn His back on the Righteous. Read Jeremiah’s accounts where God told the people they were going into captivity to Babylon.

This is real and will happen soon. Here!
On our soil. You will see it! Your sons and daughters will see it. But I believe the righteous will be provided for as Jeremiah was.. Your choice!

God be with us all. Pray for His mercy, weep and wail before His Mercy Seat. Seek Him while He can be found.

I love you all.

444News Note: Mike444 on YouTube is not 444News he reads from the website often. Many people get this confused.


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