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AMERICA AMERICA Come Down From Your Pedistle! – Only a Grain of Sand

AMERICA AMERICA Come Down From Your Pedistle!

October 5, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

Chronicles Chapter 16 Verse 9
“For the eyes of the Lord behold all the earth, and give strength to those who with a perfect heart trust in him. Wherefore thou hast done foolishly, and for this cause from this time wars shall arise against thee.”

The Persians (Iran) are coming to your shores, to your gates, to your doors Oh America, seeking your demise. They have consorted with the Brown Bear & the Red Dragon, to topple your towers and burst asunder your citadels. Their anger is en-kindled against you, and they have also schemed with traitors within your own government, to destroy your once great nation. I AM will allow this to proceed.

Many of their own people have accepted The Son Of God Christ Jesus, as their Savior, and now they must divert attention away from this Movement of The Holy Spirit, forcing their own to go to war, against what they call The Great Satan. They will also use this pretext to try and destroy the Apple of My Eye (Jerusalem) and Israel; what they call The Little Satan. In reality they are pawns of the snake king. He is using them for his own designs. Persia has struggled with the West (Greece, Rome, Venice, London, Paris, America), for millennia. Many balances of power are now shifting, and ancient wrongs perpetrated by the West, will now be redressed. Justice has waited a long time. A built-up fury will now be unleashed, principally on the people of America, but two other nations (England & France) will also suffer at the hands of Persia.

The people of the Crescent are moving collectively, they think, to a take-over of the world. The Brown Bear & the Red Dragon, are both using the people of the Crescent for their own diabolical plans, but The Eternal Father Almighty God is the winner in the End Time Game, and His Will must prevail.

The people of the Crescent will in-turn will be defeated, as their evil intentions, the annihilation of Christianity will not stand. God The Almighty One will however, use them to punish the sins of America and parts of Western Europe, whose pride has devoured the entire world, sucking the resources, independence and freedom of smaller and weaker nations, for far too long. The Balance Is Shifting, Forever, America!



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