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May 18, 2023 7:39 AM
Daniel Masika

My Daughter and wife were trying to wake me up after six hours of prayers i was on the the floor for what i saw during prayers i froze and Could not lift my hands and feet up, i felt everything and could see but my tongue and mouth would not speak a word, For in the Vision I saw Huge Man Dressed in white Mixed with Golden color with the Beard white as snow that went Down His Chest, He Had scroll in his Hand And He was standing on the Mount Horeb ,The Light of God was full upon him and The shadow of Gods Glory appeared on him and I feel Down and said oooh My Lord my eyes Have seen the Lord and He said Loud Aim Melchizedek stand up for I have come to Show You what is Coming Urgently

I was scared for The Angels that Come with him were Three But their Dressing Code was Exactly as that of the High priest, and he said to me Daniel , The Eternal Clock set before the Times has Clocked the End, But Prophet Moses and Prophet Elijah are Coming, when he talked the whole Earth was silent and in deep quietness even the Birds could not sing no movement, even the wind was not Blowing , He Said Mercy will be removed in no time, and the Books will be Closed making the end of Time and Blessed is he that his name will be Found written in the Book of Life, He said the wicked one will be exalt for a season and in the middle of the Darkness there will come the Brightness of light and every wickedness will be exposéd , and their that offered Sacrifices to the Devil and Idols and Spirits will be ashamed and lament ,Their that refused the truth and walked in the lies of Jezebel will suffer their will be cut off to their heart, the Highway of Holiness the false prophet and the wicked and workers of evil, The witches wont walk on it, Whoever will offer sacrifices must Do it on Holy Altar of God and i saw twenty four Angels working and preparing the altar and the Altar Spoke saying to the Lamb and the Lion saying lord Im Ready!!!! Melchizedek said to me Daniel i have to go now!!! But The End of all Things has Come

Rev 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.


There is Emergency in the Home as Electricity has been Disconnected Both the Payment is needed $840 Urgently their Can’t sleep in Dark, Its Very Dangerous for Children’s without the Light for Others with sickness, and security Purpose as the animals come out in hidden ,in the night and only are afraid of lights , In the below video its real situation in the home now we are getting water out of the compound now and my team are going out to the river to get water we cant pump water from the well as we don’t have electricity it was disconnected watch this Video

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Can You do anything to Help Please!!!
Much Love

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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