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He is coming; keep your lamps lit – Elizabeth Marie

By Elizabeth Marie

March 17, 2018

HE is coming; keep your lamps lit

My rapture comes soon! It is right around the corner–declare it from the roof tops…..sound the alarm–this is the time! Soon no more suffering or pain!
I am on the horizon. I will rescue MY BRIDE from the horror that comes upon the whole world. You will not be here, as you will be safely tucked away under MY wings as a mother gather her chicks, so I gather my BELOVEDS. (There will still be some trials and tribulations till that day).
The Song of Solomon is a picture of love for MY BRIDE. It is an allegory. Springtime is a good time for a wedding, is it not?
Get ready and start planning for this wedding — there is much that needs to be done! (This is in reference to our assignments that each one of us has to do).
Do you believe I am coming soon? Do you doubt? These are thoughts from the enemy that wants to keep you in despair. Don’t listen to his discouraging words! He is a nobody and a busybody that has no place in MY children’s lives. Rebuke him and he will flee!
I have given you all power over the enemy, but you don’t use it! Now is the time to use it!!!
Seek ME now while I can still be found. Keep your lamps lit and stay awake….
Your bridegroom comes…..


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