Hairtrigger – Ruth Johnson


Nov 1, 2019, 4:53 PM
Ruth Johnson


O Lord, I heard it again today
That You are on Your way,
Long hair flowing,
Red robe blowing
Around your white horse’s flanks.

The world is collapsing
And so few are grasping
The direness of this time.
The roads are buckling,
The mountains crumbling,
The systems are crashing,
The waters are splashing
And devouring their banks.

The people are happy,
As happy as clams,
Believing that nothing
Can destroy their lands.
They have not paid attention
To the Good Book at all,
Preferring to act like
They never will fall.

I tell them right now,
And I AM their Lord,
They are already falling,
My Word is a sword.
Too sharp for your tongues,
It cuts marrow from bone.
It will not stop flashing,
It will not be dropped
Until the last sheep
Has found its way home.

I AM not tarrying
And you are still marrying,
I AM giving you a chance
To join in the Wedding
Of all time!
The one of My Bride and Mine!
The Feast to follow
Will be like no others,
The ones attending
Will be sisters and brothers!
Presiding will be Almighty God,
Our Heavenly Father,
Ancient of Days,
Knowledgeable in all the ways
Of the Holy Creation.

I will dress you,
I will bless you,
I am your Holy Groom.
You will be safe
In my arms,
And My house has many rooms.

Yes, you have heard true,
I AM on My way,
My hands stretched out
To all of you.
Please take hold!
Avoid the sword!
Keep your lanterns filled!

The hour is coming,
You know not when,
The wheat heads to the mill.
The weeds are burnt
Outside the gate,
Along with anger, sin and hate.
Blasphemy will go up in smoke,
Sodom and Gomorrah
Already choke.

The world breaks apart
For the demons to arrive,
Pretend they are not worthless,
Pretend they are alive.
They will have their day
Of torture and mayhem,
And believe they are immune
To Satan’s own doom.

It is time to repent!
It is almost too late!
This fallen world is spent!
I AM opening hell’s gate!
They will pour out of it,
Then you will see them,
The ones who are
Running the world!
I AM letting them out
By no means to free them,
They are part of My judgment
On this world unfurled!

Some will escape
The destruction and gloom,
Those who are talking to Me
From their room.
They know Me and seek Me
And I know them,
They pour out their hearts,
I Alone understand.

So many are racing
Around in their cars,
Radios blaring,
Or stopping at bars.
Movies and concerts,
Parties and Raves,
Cruise ships and nightclubs,
Lifestyles depraved.
Everyone using everyone else,
Thinking people are here
Just for themselves,
To trick and manipulate
To get what they want
With rarely a thought
To what their Creator may want.

Soon to be over,
Soon, soon, soon,
The clock is soon striking
High noon.
The bell it is tolling,
The sky scrolling back,
Thunder is rolling,
The clouds turning black.

Where will you go
When the theatres burn?
The bars close down,
The internet crashes,
No food to be found?
Cannot Google an answer,
Or Facebook a friend,
The only thing obvious
Is it is the end
Of life as you knew it,
And that is all you knew.
You never gave a thought
To Who gave it to you.


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