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Gulag In The City

January 28, 2021
The Pen
GULAG – an acronym from Russian “Glavnoe Upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovykh LAGerei – “Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps”.

In 2010, I was still living in the city I grew up in. Sourcing some materials for a project I was working on, from a company on the far side of town, I had to make a decision? They didn’t deliver or ship what they sold. You had to pick up what you purchased or forget it, sorry. At that point I didn’t have a car, so had to take public transportation; subway and bus across town. The company was situated between two major bus routes, so knew I would have to walk for a bit either way I took. In guessing which one, I ended up choosing the longer route and was initially a bit frustrated. The season was winter, the day was cold, cloudy and dark. But my choice was God’s Will as you will shortly understand.

Getting off the bus, I started to walk through a partially abandoned old industrial area, situated between two major highways, to the north and south. The road was bordered by abandoned warehouses, open lots littered with metal parts, litter and garbage. Very dilapidated indeed, even depressing.

Suddenly I heard an angry bird, mad at an intruder near its nest and looked down to my right to see a large goose, warning me to get lost. It was a wake-up call as I had been walking along, lost in my own thoughts and not really paying attention to my surroundings any more. My neck snapped to the left, as I quickly passed the bird (who immediately settled down again), I saw a brand new huge complex construction site. With high walls, no windows at all! Except sections that looked like hallways, made of glass blocks. Then I was flabbergasted to note the following:

1. Four huge smoke-stacks grouped tightly together, ten stories high, with a large section of the front of the complex under them. I heard the word “CREMATORIUM,” interiorly! Thinking back, the the four stacks heated the complex, as in Sweden where they used the dead to heat the hotwater and heating systems in their cities. As there was no other heating or solar system visible at all!

2. The building was five to seven acres in size and covered fields into the background. It could hold 10-20,000 people, maybe more?

3. My head snapped back to the right and I noticed railway tracks crossing from major lines that bordered the highway on the south. They had constructed direct access lines into the newly constructed complex, with a two store canopy entrance over the front of the building, so the trains could be unloaded directly into the section near the smoke-stacks. High (10 ft.) security fencing was already in place.

4. At the front of the complex near the main entrance, was a couple of contractor trucks, looked like they were maybe putting finishing touches on the interior? Because the exterior was finished and ready to go! But there was no markings on any of the trucks, to identify any company or private contractors name. This led me to realize that there was no legal signage posted on-site, to identify the builder, contractors, architects, or government permit licensing. This project cost millions, and it was like it just landed from another planet. There was not a single person to be seen outside on the site.

5. I continued to walk, slowing down a little, on the side of the road as it curved around the front of the complex. Noticed a man, who had got out of his car and was holding a camera in one hand. I came up to him, and as I walked past him, we spoke very briefly. He was obviously nervous and uncomfortable about my presence, but we exchanged a few sentences, that clearly acknowledged we both realized, this was a Gulag Prison. He turned his face away, and I continued walking past him and the front of the building, on my left. On my right was another abandoned warehouse. The entire edifice was big enough to be as new university, except the four smoke-stacks gave the real purpose of the project away immediately. I was shaken and rattled, to the core but slowly moved away, realizing the Lord had me take this route specifically to view this Gulag In The City. I went home via the bus by the shorter route, as I had a heavy load to carry but also because I didn’t ever want to lay eyes on that satanic monstrosity of yellow bricks ever again!


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