Guardians of the Space Force: ‘CALL TO READINESS’ – Averine Pennington


Guardians of the Space Force: ‘CALL TO READINESS’

August 11, 2022 1:00 AM
Averine Pennington


I received this dream during the early morning hours today, August 10th, 2022. The dream was about a group of military men and women serving as Guardians in the United States Space Force (USSF).

I was part of the crew serving on some type of futuristic ‘flying fortress’ which I believe to now be in existence and deployed in our skies high above the earth. This ‘ship’ had on board highly trained military personnel called Guardians. These Airmen were assigned to watch the skies above the United States as a defense against any enemy threats that should come from space. Just as our other armed forces are equipped to defend us on land, sea, and air, this group was our defense for threats coming from space and had the ability to launch countermeasures. I know this dream is going to sound like science fiction, but I assure you it is not.
I was a Communications Officer serving as the initial contact for any messages received from Central Command. My job was to assess the urgency of each communique and make sure it was placed as quickly as possible into the hands of the intended recipient. The messages were received in written form via some sort of high-tech machine, similar to a fax machine but very different and very proficient.

The other officers in the command center were not taking much of anything seriously as it was usually pretty boring and monotonous work. Not much of anything ever happened except the observance of an occasional UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to give the crew some excitement. In the dream, the atmosphere was very relaxed. In fact, the crew was basically ‘goofing off.’ The Commanding Officer did not issue any reprimands and seemed to even be a participant as it seemed to help the crew moral. It was known that he had some ‘hanky-panky’ going on with one of the female officers, to the point that I had witnessed on a few occasions a ‘public display of affection’ which was very unprofessional. Their minds were not focused on their duties as Guardians.

In the dream, I had just received two communiques in rapid succession. Both messages were for the Commanding Officer. As they arrived, I had to read them. The first message seemed to be of an urgent nature. An entire fleet of UAPs of unknown origin had seemingly appeared out of nowhere from space and were approaching earth over US air space at a high rate of speed. The message was a ‘Call to Readiness’ . . . an alert to be prepared to engage should the situation escalate and be deemed ‘a clear and present danger.’ The second message was ‘a piece of sheet music with lyrics.’ It was a love song!

I presented both messages to the Commanding Officer, handing him the one marked ‘URGENT’ first. He read the message and laughed, calling it a hoax sent by one of his buddies who was always trying to ‘pull a fast one on him.’ I watched as he wadded up the paper into a ball and tossed it away as if to say he was not falling for that joke. I then gave him the second message which was received with jubilation. He grabbed the paper and walked hastily away toward his ‘love interest’ humming the tune.
I retrieved the wadded-up ball of paper from the floor and began to carefully try to salvage it and take the wrinkles out. That was the END OF THE DREAM.

What immediately came to my mind as I was scribbling this dream down was the fiasco regarding the intelligence available prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. From declassified FBI files, the Office of Naval Intelligence on December 4th warned President Roosevelt (FDR) of the possibility of an impending attack. This warning was not acted upon with urgency! I’m sure the actual facts differ from the movie version where this intelligence was forwarded via a normal memo at a snail’s pace to the appropriate commanders in the targeted areas. THE WARNINGS ARRIVED TOO LATE! The surprise attack resulted in great loss of life, planes, and ships and plunged the United States into a World War.

Let me just say, I know next to nothing about the United States Space Force (USSF) except that it does exist as the newest branch of our Armed Forces. Further facts may be found with a simple online search. It was established on December 20, 2019, with the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act during the administration of President Donald Trump. So, these Guardians have been active under this designation for a little less than 3 years. That’s not to say their mission is new as uniformed military and civilian personnel from the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) are now assigned to the USSF. You can read all about their mission objectives and even view all the symbols and seal online if you are interested.

My commission from this dream is to take what God has revealed with all seriousness as a soldier in His Army. This ‘Call to Readiness’ included a two-word (or hyphenated) military CODEWORD that I was not permitted to remember. When I read it during the dream from the piece of paper it was in ALL CAPS and BOLD LETTERING to emphasize its veracity. I’m sure that codeword (if it exists in actuality) would be classified information. Perhaps my mind was not permitted to recall it for reasons of national security. I would venture to say that if a situation as portrayed in this dream should actually occur, that codeword would be recognized as being of utmost importance by any USSF commander in the field.

I am in no way suggesting that the Guardians of the USSF would ever be derelict in their duties to defend and protect against ALL ENEMIES. I am confident they would fight with every ounce of courage to the last man with every means at their disposal. However, I do believe this dream was given to me in this manner in order to point out the importance of taking this matter to heart. The danger is absolutely real. THIS WARNING IS NOT A JOKE! It is a heads up from the Lord God Almighty! We are to pay attention! Disregarding this warning will have devastating results for humanity! We cannot stop events from happening, but by seeking God’s mercy we can mitigate the effects of the judgment.

From other dreams I have received, I believe there will be very little lead time to observe the arrival of these UAPs. They will not be coming from deep space with their movements visible and trackable via telescopes over a long period of time. They will be traveling through PORTALS from another dimension and will be upon us almost before we know it. One thing we can do in advance is have the PRAYER WARRIORS in God’s army intercede before the throne of God to close these portals. Multiple portals located all over the world will probably be used by the forces of the Fallen Ones when they suddenly appear to perpetrate the great delusion that they are our creators who seeded this planet in the long ago past and have come now to save us from ourselves.

I will share briefly of one portal that I have been made aware of through a prophetic dream received on April 14, 2022. Though the dream was long and detailed, as is often the case, I was only allowed to remember a few details. I awoke with only three pieces of information remaining about the portal which is evidently ABOVE or somehow associated with a particular building. No specific location was given but I assume it was somewhere in the United States as that is where I live. The phrases running over and over through my mind when I finally awakened that morning around 7:15am were: 1) the ‘EDIFICE’ (a word I would never use on my own) was completed in the year, 1899, 2) Upon completion, it was dedicated to Satan, and then, 3) I HEARD . . . “Wicked, wicked, man!” Now, I have never attempted to publish this before as I did not feel I had enough information. After much prayer, nothing else about the portal seemed to be forthcoming. My limited research only turned up two famous buildings with unique or grandiose architecture that could be considered ‘EDIFICES’ which were completed in 1899. One of those is located in Washington, D.C., a place I felt led to research for obvious reasons. The other is a historic skyscraper located in Manhattan (NYC). The reason I looked in New York City is because that morning while having my coffee, the movie ‘Ghostbusters’ was brought to mind. In that film there was a portal where hoards of demons were released upon the city. Our enemy has a habit of using ‘predictive programming’ to broadcast his plans in advance. Now, the actual building used in the making of that film was not yet built in 1899. However, there is another very famous building in NYC that fits the description perfectly. I have no way of knowing if either of these buildings were dedicated to Satan upon completion, or the character of ‘the man’ associated with the individual buildings. Hence, this information has been filed away. I feel perhaps now is the time to share it. Maybe someone with better research skills than myself will know how to dig deeper. Or this information could be a puzzle piece that someone else has been looking for. The dream also could be referring to ANY EDIFICE that fits the criteria. It may be neither of the ones I have found. In any event, I feel that sharing this equips God’s Prayer Warriors with some specific details regarding at least one portal. If we unite in prayer and ask God to close the portal on the ‘edifice completed in 1899 that was dedicated to Satan, OUR GOD most assuredly knows which one it is! (Note: If more information should be revealed to one of God’s prophets regarding the interpretation of this dream, please feel free to share it on this site. I welcome your input.)

Brothers and sisters, I know that what I have disclosed in this post is hard to imagine, but these things prophesied for the end times must be fulfilled. We are not to fear but place our hope and trust in the Lord. The USSF may be referred to as Guardians, but so are we. We put on our armor every day and fight the good fight of faith until the battle is over. No matter what, the saints of God will overcome. Satan is a defeated foe! Declare it! Halelujah! Praise and glory to the King of kings, and Lord of lords! May thy kingdom come, and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Harvest is Here,

Scripture References (KJV):

Daniel 11:38-39; Rev. 12:9 & 12; Eph. 6:10-18; Daniel 7:25-28

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