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Guardian Angels – Victoria Ang

Guardian Angels

Feb 16, 2020
Victoria Ang

Last night I was given a dream.

In the dream I was walking down a sidewalk and saw a tree over to my right side. In the dream I could sense and feel someone watching my every move. I did not feel any fear but more curiosity as to who was up in the tree. So I walked closer to the tree to get a better look and even though I could not see with my natural eyes I saw with my Spiritual eyes and senses. It was a MASSIVE angel. That was keeping guard over me. But then I felt it take off from that tree and felt the MASSIVE POWER and STRENGTH it had as it flew off. To the point a strong wind current occurred as it moved.

The dream ended.

And I continued to sleep until I was woken to feeling in my bedroom another MASSIVE angel next to me in my bedroom. The sheer POWER and presence of the angel woke me up. I put my hand out and could feel it right next to me as I slept.

When I woke in the morning I could feel such a STRONG presence of the HOLY SPIRIT !

The Lord has his angels standing guard to keep those that truly seek him protected from harm! ❤️❤️❤️
Keep your eyes focused only on him! Be blessed and encouraged as we wait on him !!

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  1. Eyes Open

    Amen! Praise God. Thank you sister for this encouraging message. I declare it over myself and household and children also. Amen!

  2. Ireland Marie Johansson

    This is a blessed angel. Thank you for this message.

    I too have been visited by angels many times. And protected by angels.

    God bless you.

    I hope you get more angel visits.


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