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Greyhound – IMPOSSIBLE ‘Stream’ – Harvesting

February 15, 2022 11:30 AM
Averine Pennington

2-15-22, rec’d 2-12-22

I would like to share a dream I had on Saturday, February 12th. I am not sure if this was all one inter-related dream or separate vignettes. I have held off on publishing these, hoping for more understanding but after reading the post this morning from McKana, I felt I should release this. It is not always ‘for me to know’ the deeper meanings of what the Holy Spirit is giving at this time. If this has relevance to what the body of Christ needs to hear, HE will give understanding to the reader.

The Greyhound

I was in an open area and there was a large, very sleek and lanky, grey dog running around loose dragging a long leash behind him. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself if the leash were to get caught on something. One thing I noticed was that there was no grass. The area he was running loose in was mostly a hard dirt surface. The scene reminded me of historical pictures from the depression era when parts of the country were a ‘dust bowl.’ After much effort, I was finally able to catch the end of the leash and put the dog (looked like a greyhound) inside my own home to give it food and shelter. After some time and with training the dog obeyed my every command. If I released him there was no longer any need for him to be on a leash.


In this part of the dream, the scenery was more vibrant. I believe I was walking in a wooded area behind where I lived. It must have been the fall season because the ground was covered with fallen leaves and the colors of the trees were absolutely beautiful. There was an abrupt slope that I had to traverse to walk down to a very active stream that ran through the property. I wish I could describe what the water looked like, but any words would not do it justice. It was like a stream of glistening light . . . as if it was full of diamonds and when the sunlight hit the facets, rays reflected in every direction. The water was not only pure and clear, but it seemed ‘alive’! However, the most incredible thing about this stream was that it did not flow downhill. It ran backwards . . . UPHILL! I watched as without any effort whatsoever the ‘Living Water’ ascended up the slope I had just carefully climbed down. It was an amazing and truly unexplainable sight. I kept thinking that what I was witnessing was ‘impossible’ in the natural realm.


In the final part of the dream, again I was back in what seemed another era . . . not necessarily the ‘dust bowl’ but what seemed a bleak time. Laborers were working in a field gathering in a harvest of a crop I have never seen before (and I am a farmer’s daughter). Again, this is hard to describe. The laborers were bringing from the field these very large leaves. I would say they looked somewhat similar to tobacco leaves, but each leaf was gathered individually. In size (width and length), they were as big or bigger than the laborer. The leaves were of many colors (whether different varieties of the same crop or whether in different stages of development, I do not know). Each leaf was being carefully gathered, sorted, and laid out in small separate stacks as if to dry. The laborers looked tired and dirty from long hours on the job, but they continued to forge ahead. As each brought a leaf, they would return almost immediately back to the field, only pausing briefly to refresh themselves with a drink of water.

End of Dream.

I could try to tell you what I think may be a possibility for the interpretation of this 3-part dream, but it would be only my opinion. I do not want to limit the Holy Spirit or try to put words in His mouth, so I will just let Him do the talking. I pray those who have ears to hear will receive. I will just say, ‘Our God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE.’ (Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23)

Yours for the Harvest,


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