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Great Day Of Judgement – Alexander Black

Great Day Of Judgement

Jul 29, 2019, 6:21 PM
Alexander Black

I am deaf

i have no idea date/time receive of vision but know one nov/23/2014 wind blow stop all things was seem freeze in time the fire place outside i saw flame person and log wood dont burn and all things is freeze i felt arm over my shoulder my hear is open i am hear voice sound of proud said “I AM THAT I AM GOD” I SAW FLAME PERSON LOOK AT ME IN SAD LOOK but sudden gone all thing back normal things and wind back normal move…yes GOD was visit me,,, my hear closed back who i am is deaf truth witness held our testify in great day of judgement day i don’t lie cheerish

I am stand up and firm to tell what my bad dream as vision told me repents is coming are is: “great flood in history” & “greater huge fire hit land , man ever see” & “earthquake hit badly” & “meteoric strike against people” & “heat and hot no man can handle it burn green things up” & “everywhere bones and skeleton and building and city is destroy full of grey dust everywhere , there long wide hall as size mall full teddy bear and other etc is lay floor all way down it damn lots and lots body of skeleton piles and scatter all over city but green things still green but full dust cover green pasture and palms” & “this Alex i was in machine that as movie matrix but worse than matrix this seem real when machine broken i came out machine i saw is sun dim and cloud thick as hell i look around saw machine itself as cigar shape there lots of them i walk away saw ground land no green pasture and no trees all blackish everywhere and i saw city is lay wasted for long enough no body around so i decide go back to machine to fix and it run again went back in.. nothing there!!!!!” what a nightmare tho i believe are warns us sir….. peace out more to tell but limited . all is mix i am try tell what truth/ truth set me free but not free.. no body know when but fearfulness near coming holy true.

I saw in vision that there two tree is each side of me one tree on left other is on right of me i am in middle of two tree however not sure name of tree but seem olive tree. true testify with witness is yah.. cheerish

those are familiar of Sodom & Gomorrah is around ……

forgive me help me to post it thanks
i am deaf
also second language English
Alexander Black
I want God Coming Back See Me Again … MISS HIM…


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