Grain storehouse refused to open – Alexander Black

Grain storehouse refused to open

Aug 27, 2019, 1:03 PM
Alexander Black

I was woke now to quick write this down ..dream over at 1:35 pm AUG/27/2019 dream before 1:35pm

I was go around on floor but those people keep their business and seem act weird behavior because they look at me but they let me go I went in elevator i push button 2 i wait for 2nd floor but door refuse open on 2nd floor so i decide look at buttons it reach only 5th floor so i push button E it open same floor where those people was let me go and i look at other elevator door is broke off i went in other elevator with broken door i look at door it broken off and i decide look at people at E floor then i return to same elevator but not know what floor i did push but the floor go up and elevator is vibration and roar sound bad elevator and i woke up…

in dictionary & thesaurus i look up word

(elevator n 1:cage or platform for raising or lowering something 2:grain storehouse)

however number 2 grain storehouse as floor 2????? of elevator that refuse open? weird but not sure and why go upper floor it bad vibration? but only lowing floor is ok only that E floor is that i around with those people and i am trying interpeter of dream so lower floor is open floor but 2nd floor is not open but upper floor is bad vibration but woke up .. umm??

you know if God give you to interpeter dream that will be great i wish had complete know of explain… but trying interpeter it……………cheerish soon weather cheerish…what E meant?with 5th number floor????


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